Manufacturers everywhere are striving to maximize productivity, speed and quality while minimizing costs. And around the world, the businesses of Milacron LLC are there to support these customers’ success. A strong, lean, nimble organization, Milacron today operates as a group of globally integrated business units:


Uniloy is the world leader in blow molding and structural foam systems for a wide range of applications, from food and pharmaceutical packaging to industrial and automotive parts.

Delivering far more than just machinery, molds and tooling, the people of Uniloy provide the service, training and support that help customers perfectly match their application with the most efficient, cost-effective, high-performance equipment available today.
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Milacron Machining

Milacron Machining delivers proven precision machining services for a diverse range of demanding industries, including wind power, oil and gas, heavy machinery and others.

Handling parts up to 150,000 pounds, Milacron Machining’s institutional knowledge, broad experience and unique capabilities deliver the confidence customers need that their machining job is in good hands. Tight tolerances, tough deadlines and specialized processing needs are no match for our team and our state-of-the-art manufacturing environment.
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DME Company

DME Company offers the most complete line of market-leading products for use with plastics machinery, including mold bases, mold components, hot and cold runner systems and control systems.

We’re an essential resource to customers in North and South America, Europe and Asia — with a reputation for fast, reliable service around the world. We also provide unsurpassed knowledge and expertise, a global logistics infrastructure and a support organization renowned for its ability to assist customers when and where they need us.
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CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology

CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology represents the best in metalworking fluids and services for all of today’s most demanding processes.

We’re a leading global supplier of fluids that meet stringent performance, health and safety requirements for machining, grinding, stamping, metal-forming, cleaning and many specialty applications. Meanwhile, we continue to develop significant innovations such as a line of earth-friendly metalworking fluids based on renewable resources.
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Milacron Americas Aftermarket

Milacron Americas Aftermarket offers a complete inventory of quality parts and expert services in the Americas to increase efficiency, reduce costs and maximize the performance of your equipment.

Our technology and service expertise means you’re guaranteed a high-performance
machine for many years. Services include process and machine auditing, quality replacement parts including industry-leading barrels and screws, machine rebuilding and upgrades, and technical training.
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Milacron Plastics Machinery

Milacron Plastics Machinery is a global company providing an industry-leading array of advanced injection molding and extrusion processing equipment.

Applying deep-rooted industry experience and knowledge built over long-term customer relationships, we design and build efficient, accurate machines that successful companies everywhere use to produce dashboards for automobiles, composite decking for homes, sterile supplies for the medical industry and thousands of other products that consumers use every day. Go to site

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