Extrusion Systems and Products

Cincinnati Milacron’s TC Series of Conical Twin Screw Extruders brings you technology to profitably manufacture a wide range of plastic products including wood and natural fiber plastics composites, PVC pipe, vinyl profiles, vinyl siding, as well as pelletizing.

The TC Series of nine conical twin screw extruders covers application requirements with a range of throughputs and the twin screw design optimizes the homogeneity of the melt and maximizes the productivity of the extruder for small to large applications. We have demonstration and development laboratories to help customers with processing solutions.

Cincinnati Milacron TP Series of Parallel Twin Screw Extruders combines space-saving compact design with the long proven advantages of Cincinnati Milacron technology for all your extrusion applications including PVC pipe, homogeneous and foam PVC sheet, fence, vinyl profiles, wood and natural fiber plastic composites, vinyl siding, and pelletizing.

Our four parallel twin screw extruders covers application requirements requiring high throughputs and the complete line features proven advantages of minimal screw deflection, large feed zone with more surface area for gentle and uniform heat transmission.


Cincinati Milacron has engineered its single screw extruders with modular design concepts to meet market requirements. The result is built-in flexibility, lower cost, faster deliveries and, ultimately, an exceptionally competitive value to our customers...from stand-alone extruders to complete systems.

The PAK series single screw extruders handle applications including sheet, custom profile, window profile, pipe, pelletizing, medical tubing, structural foam, wire and cable, and blown film.

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