Klear Can

Klear Can is an ideal alternative to metal cans for fruits, vegetables, soups, meats, and other products.



Suitable for retort up to 130°C, these clear plastic cans have been tested and approved by 3rd party experts for both retortability and the integrity of the double seam, which was designed to allow the plastic can’s flange to accept traditional (easy open and non-easy open) metal can ends. The three layer plastic construction (PP-EVOH-PP) allows for a shelf life of 2-5 years. Manufacturers have the option to use colored plastic cans, in-mold labels or standard labels.

The Klear Can uses the same filling, seaming and retorting machinery as metal cans so minimal down stream investment. They give manufacturers the ability to manufacture the cans at the filling site (through the wall operations) and are cost competitive to the metal can.






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