At Milacron, we deliver high-precision plastic processing technologies and control systems that advance our customers through optimized life-cycle performance.

Our customers come to us for the highest standards of products and services and they stay with us because we continue to do more for them every day, driven by a set of core values focused on our customers’ success.

We’re dedicated to adding value every step of the way by:

  • Understanding every customer’s unique needs
  • Engineering innovative solutions that meet those needs
  • Delivering performance on time, every time
  • Providing unparalleled global aftermarket service and support


Leadership Matters

Leadership matters because our customers look to us to deliver leading edge solutions that provide a market advantage.

Teamwork Matters

Teamwork matters because we partner with our customers to support their success every step of the way.

Results Matter

Results matter because, first and foremost, performance is what we sell.

Employees Matter

Employees matter because they are the ones who deliver performance and value to our customers everyday.