Environmental sustainability

Milacron maintains a twofold focus for environmental sustainability. We design our end use products for maximum efficiency at the customer level. We reduce energy, waste, and cycle times with our internal manufacturing processes.

  • Our innovative product portfolio has been and continues to be focused on reducing plastic waste through innovation and technology.
  • Our products continue to set the industry standard for process improvement and control.

Social responsibility

Milacron believes in building corporate social responsibility, both internally and externally. We view social responsibility as a top-down initiative and ensure that the full support and energy of our leadership is put behind all of our efforts.

  • Through the empowerment of our internal teams, our customers experience leading edge service and capabilities.
  • Our global manufacturing and business locations are integrated into local community development, a footprint that impacts countries and communities around the world.

Economic sustainability

We operate our economic sustainability strategy on interconnected frameworks that include:

  • Responsive and adaptive manufacturing systems
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technology in our global manufacturing facilities
  • Efficiency enhancements through waste reduction and quality improvements
  • A focus on lean initiatives, life cycle management and driving market partnerships
  • Internal and external long-term business developments