Accu-Valves patented precision gate geometry eliminates high gates, preventing posts or flash for a clean, smooth pristine gate finish. Accu-Valve meets the demanding needs of medical, packaging and personal care molding applications.

Gate quality relies on the fit between the pin and the gate. Tight tolerances of gate size is critical to preventing posts and maintaining a high quality finish.Traditional taper valve gating methods rely on the valve pin contacting the cavity steel for pin alignment. This wears the valve pin and cavity insert, degrading gate quality over time.

The Accu-Valve design incorporates continuous 360° pin guidance positioned within close proximity to the gate for precision alignment, preventing contact with the cavity steel.

Our patented gate geometry and valve pin guidance also reduces the effect of pin bending and delivers optimal thermodynamics. The result is consistent highest quality gates that Accu-Valve guarantees for millions of cycles.

Accu-Valve is available in 3 variations designed to cater to the demands of various applications and environments.

  • Accu-Valve CX: Fast color change performance. Commodity resins (MFI>5)
  • Accu-Valve MX: Long life and fill balance. Commodity (MFI<5) and engineering grade resins.
  • Accu-Valve LX: Replaceable gate insert. Abrasive materials

Accu-Valve Compatibility

Standard Gating Options

Valve Gate

  • C-Valve
  • Bi-Metallic C-Valve
  • Bi-Metallic C-Valve (+Extended)
  • Hot Valve
  • Hot Valve (+Extended)
  • Bi-Metallic Ball Nose

Hot Tip

  • E-Type Torpedo
  • E-Type Torpedo (+Extended)
  • F-Type Torpedo
  • F-Type Torpedo (+Extended)
  • C-Sprue
  • Hot Sprue
  • Hot Sprue (Extended)