Brazed Heater Technology is another example of how Mold-Masters commitment to R&D continues to improve molded part quality by maximizing productivity, increasing reliability and lowering energy costs. Integrated into many of our hot runners and manifolds, brazed heater technology is a vast improvement over traditional heating methods.

Traditional heating methods include using heater bands (nozzles) and plates (manifolds). These are common off-the-shelf solutions but are very limited. Heater bands can shift along the length of the nozzle which results in inconsistent heat profiles and cold spots. Heater bands also have a higher failure rate resulting in more downtime. In addition, because heater bands are an external component of the nozzle, they require greater OD cut-out dimensions to accommodate.

In comparison, Mold-Masters brazed heaters are integrated into many of our hot runners and manifolds through a highly specialized manufacturing technique. Heater channels are unique and based on in-depth R&D testing and development. Brazed heaters offer some significant advantages:

  • Precise Thermal Profile
  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Unbeatable Reliability
  • Smaller OD Cut-Out Dimensions

Brazed heaters superior thermal profile is attributed to several key design differences.

Brazed heaters are embedded into the complete length of the hot runners nozzle and optimized  for thermal balance and consistency. Brazing ensures consistent heater contact for complete heat transfer, eliminating cold spots. Higher heat exchange efficiency also reduces energy consumption by up to 20% as less heat is lost to other areas of the mold.

Mold-Masters conducts significant testing of heater layouts in order to optimize performance of our different hot runners. The brazed element path of our nozzles is unique to the series.  This is how Mold-Masters hot runners can deliver extremely precise thermal profiles (within 5% from set point). High precision in our manufacturing process helps guarantee consistent heat profiles from nozzle to nozzle.

Mold-Masters manufactures our own heater elements in house to ensure our high quality standards are met and to deliver outstanding heater reliability that regularly outlasts the life of the mold. When used in conjunction with our TempMaster controllers we are able to offer an industry leading 10 Year Warranty.

If you are looking to significantly improve your molding process, repeatability and reliability look to Mold-Masters brazed heater technology on your next system.