LPIM (Low Pressure Injection Molding) – Structural Web Injection Molding

September 20, 2018

Structural Web molding technology is a variation of Low Pressure Injection Molding (LPIM) that was developed by Milacron as a proprietary molding process on our LPIM machines. It is a process that is well suited for large part/large shot sizes with good part surface aesthetics and low molded in stresses. The process also creates a […]

Low Pressure Injection Molding (LPIM) – Structural Foam Injection Molding

May 2, 2018

Plastic parts made using the Structural Foam process have a cellular or a structural core, surrounded with a thick outer layer (skin) that combine to give the products a greater strength to weight ratio and up to as much as twice the rigidity of the solid plastic products that are of the same material and […]