Milacron unveils new brand and integrated product portfolio at NPE

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10 Březen, 2015

 New products from Milacron brands, including Mold-Masters, DME, and Uniloy will address evolving customer needs

(CINNCINATI, OH – March 10, 2015) – Injection. Extrusion. Blow molding. Hot runner systems. Mold technologies. Process control systems. Fluids. For the first time, Milacron is bringing these technologies together under a unified brand that reflects the company’s transformation into the industry’s most comprehensive integrated plastics solutions provider.

The new Milacron will push the boundaries of possibilities in plastics with breakthrough products from leading brands including Milacron, Mold-Masters, DME, Ferromatik, Uniloy and CIMCOOL. Among the dozens of innovations on display in NPE’s largest booth ever are the new Milacron PET System, a servo-hydraulic preform molding system with industry leading dry cycle times, low energy operation, options for post cooling functions and ease of service features. Also for the first time Milacron will be molding, Klear Cans, a revolutionary co-injection method that enables plastic to replicate the benefits of metal and glass storage solutions with all the added benefits of plastic.

“We now have all the pieces in place to realize Milacron’s vision – delivering localized, innovative end-to-end plastics processing solutions to customers on a global scale,” said Tom Goeke, CEO of Milacron. “Collectively, we have developed more products in the last two years than our product brands have in the last 10 years. We want customers calling us with their toughest problems and wildest ideas; it’s our business to make their aspirations come to life.”

With the new integrated approach, customers will benefit from a global footprint and a more localized offering. Milacron has also combined its research and development efforts to improve quality, speed, precision and energy efficiency across its entire product portfolio.

“Our customers have been the inspiration and driving force behind our rebrand,” said Goeke. “With this move, we’re growing relationships – from the spark of a single great idea to constructing a dream product on a global scale. Our ultimate goal is to help our customers succeed in their businesses.”

The company’s new direction is reflected in the new Milacron logo: an updated and contemporary reflection of Milacron’s evolution beyond its beginnings as a plastics machinery company. It honors Milacron’s heritage through the red color while the three dimensional box represents both the “M” in Milacron as well as the possibilities of combining  products in a powerful, consolidated way to reveal something new and exciting for customers.

The new brand has been introduced to the more than 5,000 Milacron global employees. In the coming months, customers will see it come to life through new developments, including expanded market capabilities, integrated sales teams and a new, consolidating all product brands into a centralized hub.

“The new Milacron is serious about success. Ours and more importantly our customers. To that end, our impressive line up of new products, product enhancements and our existing portfolio is sure to mean great things for our customers and Milacron,” noted Ron Krisanda, Chief Operating Officer & President, Advanced Plastic Processing Technologies

To take a closer look at the future of plastics processing technology, visit Milacron’s booth #W2703 at NPE 2015 in Orlando, Florida, from March 23 to 27. In addition to Milacron plastics machinery products, Mold-Masters, Uniloy, DME, Ferromatik, Tirad, and CIMCOOL products will be housed in the booth, showcasing their individual expertise as part of the Milacron master brand. Some of the products on display will include:


Systems and Machines

The NEW Milacron PET Systems Preform Molding Solution

Milacron will launch its offering in the preform molding market with the M-PET 300, a new servo-hydraulic PET system, which combines key components across Milacron’s product portfolio – machines, clamps, injection unit, end-of-arm tooling, hot runner, mold and robots – into a single solution.  The M-PET series offers leading edge performance and low energy consumption plusnew options for post mold handling at an attractive price-to-performance ratio. The system operates with Milacron’s Preform Tooling, as well as existing industry tooling solutions. The system is supported by Milacron’s single-source capability and global aftermarket support.



Klear Can Co-Injection Molding on a Ferromatik 280

Pioneered by Milacron’s most recent acquisition Kortec (now Milacron Co-Injection), Klear Can features co-injection technology that elevates product packaging possibilities. Through co-injection technology, Klear Can replicates the benefits of airtight metal or glass cans in a plastic container by placing a thin barrier inside the core of the plastic container. While this barrier is less than 0,001” thick [0,02mm] it covers more than 99% of the part and can be controlled precisely in up to 96 cavity molds. This allows shelf-stable foods to be stored in a BPA-free plastic container and extends shelf life by up to five years.  The Klear Can is also fully retortable up to 130 degree Celsius.  Klear Can’s cost-efficient design allows manufacturers to use existing downstream equipment for filling, seaming and retorting, thus requiring decreased capital equipment expenditures.

At the NPE show Milacron will be molding Klear cans in a 4 cavity work cell at less than 8 second cycles. The cold half of the mold was built by Stackteck.



Ferromatik 580 Co-injected Industrial Container Solution

Milacron worked closely together with mold maker Calframax to develop a solution for molding five-gallon plastic pails with 50 percent PCR in the center at sub 15 second cycles. The secondary injection unit sits above the primary injection unit and interfaces with a Milacron co-injection hot half. Milacron’s new Ferromatik series machine is available in nine sizes, from 120 to 650 metric tons of clamping force and is preconfigured for easy multi-component, mono-sandwich, cube and co-injection capability. Customers can also choose from electric, hydraulic and hybrid drive options to meet their energy and performance requirements.



The New Maxima Performance Series

The new Maxima Performance Series will be unveiled at NPE.  Building upon the highly successful Maxima 2 platen platform, the new Maxima Performance Series addresses the market demands for higher performance, LOWER ENERGY, precision and flexibility. This enhanced platform available from 450 to 1000 metric tonnes delivers 33% faster dry cycle times, 70% lower energy consumption,  the widest platens in each tonnage range, a precision greaseless clamp guided on linear bearings and integrated auxiliary controls. The high-value injection molding machine combines the advantage of a precise and accurate two-platen mechanism with advanced user-friendly controls. This platform delivers the next level of performance for two-platen designs while maintaining Milacron’s proven center tonnage-build technology.



New controls platform – Mosaic+

Featured on both the M-PET series machine and the Maxima Performance series machine at NPE the new Mosaic+ controls platform will become the global standard for Milacron machine control. Build on the highly accepted Mosaic platform, Mosaic+ provides new features and options for machine interface on a bright 21” touch screen. With reduced buttons and more programming flexibility the Mosaic+ control system creates a more intuitive user interface for customers without compromising the existing benefits of Mosaic. A separate plus section is available to allow users to see additional screens such as mold temperature controls at the same time as the primary control screen and allows for the use of new features such as remote cameras.


Roboshot 150 LSR Molding Cell

Milacron’s injection molding solution for multi-material molding of thermoplastic and thermoset materials in a single machine, will debut at NPE. Working in partnership with leading LSR mold maker Roembke, the new all-electric system will produce an automotive diaphragm that uses a combination of nylon with liquid silicone rubber (LSR) over-molding. The system’s concise repeatability makes it ideal for a variety of market applications including medical, consumer, packaging, and electronics.

The E-Multi auxiliary injection unit, a flagship product that has played an integral role across Milacron’s product portfolio, has been enhanced to process Liquid Silicon Resin (LSR). The new E-Multi EM1-30-16 has been equipped with an LSR screw and barrel with 22,000 psi injection pressure at 180 mm/s injection speed,   A Varian turntable has been integrated in to the machine and controls to mount the mold designed and built by Roembke. The system demonstrates to customers a flexible, customizable, and portable solution for machine upgrades. The completely electric system design is very precise and consumes very little energy.


Uniloy IBS 199-3 converted to Hybrid design to reduce energy

Milacron’s new hybrid machine has a direct electric screw drive and servo hydraulic injection for precise shot-to-shot consistency and significantly reduced energy consumption. The work cell features a 20-drop, in-line Mold-Masters Axiom Synchro-Plate Valve Gate system that is rheologically balanced along with a 33-zone integrated TempMaster iM2 Hot Runner Temperature Controller for precise control. The Axiom system carries a 10-year warranty against heater failure when used with the TempMaster controller. The turnkey work cell, which includes a hopper loader, mold temperature control units, chiller and other auxiliary equipment, is supported by Milacron’s single source capability and global aftermarket support.


Roboshot 220 Medical Cell

As the leader in high precision and reliable molding capabilities, Milacron’s Roboshot product lines have been engineered for greater performance and rigidity.  At NPE, Milacron will showcase the new Mold-Masters Summit-Series premium hot runner line running live at the show in the Roboshot 220. The stainless steel hot runner system runs with four times less thermal variation from set point, compared to the typical thermal variation seen in a nozzle with a heater band. This makes it a perfect solution for clean rooms and other molding environments that demand precise process control, high-speed injection and consistent repeatability.


GPAK 45 Groove Feed Extruder

Milacron will launch its latest extrusion machine, the GPAK 45, which constructs polyethylene (PE) pipe. The machine gives users increased extrusion and output efficiencies with the benefit of lower energy consumption.


MAGNA T 225 Automotive Light Weighting System

Partnering with Crest Mold, Milacron will demonstrate the advantages of combining the weight reduction benefits from MuCell, and Heat/Cool Alternating Temperature Technology (ATT) to mold a Class A finished part. The Heat/Cool technology imbedded in the Magna T Servo can produce a Class A surface finish independent of weight reducing processes or performance enhancing additives.



Quick prototyping cell utilizing 3D Printing and injection molding

3D printing can quickly produce dozens of aesthetically accurate replicas of injection molded parts. But what if you need a few thousand functional parts for line and market trials? Milacron has partnered with Stratasys Ltd., a leading global provider of 3D printing and additive-manufacturing solutions, to show customers how a combination of 3D printing and injection molding can drastically reduce the time to get functional prototypes cost effectively.

Stratasys PolyJet technology is an exclusive method of 3D printing that offers companies the ability to build short run injection mold inserts in-house, quickly and easily. PolyJet technology creates smooth and accurate 3D-printed objects by depositing tiny droplets of photopolymers – materials that solidify when exposed to UV light – into desired configurations. How does it work?  A model of the core and cavity are loaded into the printing software and inserts are grown in 5 hours. Once completed the inserts are cleaned, inspected and then installed into a quick change DME MUD moldbase which is in turn mounted in a Roboshot injection molding machine.  The system can then produce up to 500 shots of functional plastic parts at roughly 100 second cycles. After 500 shots the inserts wear out due to their soft structure. In parallel to molding the parts another set of inserts can be grown of the same or a modified design. The flexibility and speed of this process saves major development time and produces injection molded parts with real physical properties in less than a day.

While 3D-printed molds are not production tools, they can prove invaluable during the design and testing phase of a new product development and offer a clear advantage over conventional injection molding in terms of cost and lead times. Product designers and manufacturers can use these molds to perform thorough functional testing without worrying about cost-prohibitive tooling. Flaws based on the final production process, geometry or choice of plastic can be discovered early, when they are easiest to fix. This can reduce costly, time-consuming mold corrections, increase product innovation and speed product development.




Large Mold Bases

DME now offers large mold bases with plate lengths up to 90 inches [2300mm]. Delivered fully machined with a position accuracy of +/1 0.005mm,these custom mold bases and plates are ideal for high cavitation mold tools, die casting and press tools.The premier equipment used to make large mold bases provides increased consistency in high-quality finishes that significantly reduce manual polishing and additional rework.


MUD [Master Unit Die] Quick-Change Aluminum Inserts

MUD aluminum insert molds are Milacron’s answer to the time crunch. Fabricated from an Alumold* 500-mold plate, this high-strength alloy withstands extensive machine operations without the movement or distortion commonly seen in standard steel materials and without additional thermal treatment. MUD Aluminum Insert production benefits include superior machining qualities, lighter weight, excellent thermal conductivity and faster molding cycles.

*Alumold is an Alro Steel & Constellium trademark.


DME Pre-Machined Insulator Sheets

The Insulator Sheets, designed for standard mold bases, have the highest level of pre-machined features in the marketplace with locating ring clearance hole, assembly screw clearance holes, and insulator sheet mounting holes, all pre-machined.

The newly enhanced sheets are made of high-compression-strength, asbestos-free material with a maximum recommended service temperature of 550° F, making them ideal for high-temperature applications. The thermal insulating properties of the glass-reinforced polymer composite material inhibit heat transfer from the mold to the platen, or from the platen to the mold (depending on the application), conserving energy and prolonging machine life.

The new line of Insulator Sheets also has been designed 1/16 inch shorter on all sides to prevent damage during mold handling. They are available in standard 1/4-inch or 1/2-inch thicknesses, with custom sizes and machining available upon request.


Ceramic Fiber Deburring and Surface Finish Tools for Moldmakers

Further expanding the robust line of Milacron polishing and finishing solutions are the new XEBEC® Deburring and Surface Finish Tools for moldmakers. Incorporating leading-edge ceramic fiber technology, XEBEC grinding stones and deburring tools employ a unique material made from ceramic fiber. The tips of the fine alumina fiber rods have a superior grinding force that significantly improves surface finish faster than similar tools.

XEBEC grinding stones and deburring tools are equipped with functionality that allows continuous and stable cutting performance. The products’ self-sharpening capabilities ensure long-lasting, superior polishing results. A wide variety of sphere stones, deburring brushes, fiber brushes, cutting tools, grinder tools and fiber-mounted points are ideal for handheld operations and small part machining.


Hot Runners

Summit-Series Hot Runner for Premium Applications

The Summit-Series is Mold-Masters’ new, premium hot runner line. The new hot runner nozzle  has four times less thermal variation from set point, compared to the typical thermal variation seen in a nozzle with a heater band The Summit-Series HOT RUNNER IS BUILT COMPLETELY FROM STAINLESS STEEL which makes it ideal for molding shear and temperature-sensitive resins like PC, POM and PBT.  The nozzle profile positively affects balance and is especially effective for medical market molding where precision is paramount. The Summit-Series also can also be ordered with new servo-controlled valve-gate actuators which allow for individual speed, time and position control of each valve pin in the mold.

The Summit-Series is clean room-ready and is the perfect hot runner solution for any molder looking to reduce risk and optimize molding process parameters with minimized variance and strong, repeatable results.



Fusion G2 Series

Milacron has developed new enhanced features in the  Fusion series for automotive and large-part molding at NPE.  An extended nozzle length range provides more flexibility while the compound nozzle can be used to avoid interferences with cavity cooling lines, and position nozzles in very tight pockets.  Fusion G2 is now available with valve pin open speed control and position monitoring that enables improved surface finishes at the gate of the part.   Options for extra-extended gate seals are now also available on the entire Fusion G2 product line.



Vision for Automotive Lens

Now used by the world’s leading automobile lens manufacturers, the Vision product line includes new enhancements like electrical zone reductions and enhanced thermal control.  The enhancement offers increased flow through the manifold and nozzle channels, resulting in improved part surface finish.  Smart actuators and valve pin position sensors are available with the Vision product line as well.



SmartMold is a revolutionary new technology that enables molders to see details about their molds that were previously impossible. Contactless wet cycle counting, uptime and cycle time sensing, over pressurization, over temperature, over tonnage and abuse of the mold can now be easily sensed and recorded to ensure that the mold is run as intended. All of this is possible without the need for clumsy and invasive parting line sensors, pressure transducers, wiring or thermocouples. The collected data is seamlessly transferred to production monitoring systems.  SmartMold users can interface with SmartMold via a compact multi-touch screen mounted directly on the mold or via a Smartphone using Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. SmartMold will automatically notify the user and their supplier of the pending need for parts or service. SmartMold opens the door to a world of possibilities never seen before in injection molding.



Additional Announcements


Milacron Blow Mold Designs Focus on Light Weighting

Uniloy, Milacron’s blow molding product brand, invests much of its mold engineering and design time to light weighting containers, with the aim of maintaining or improving the integrity and performance of the container.

Uniloy’s engineering team works closely with customers to create designs that work around their unique requirements.  These designs enable customers to stay with their current downstream equipment with little or no changes.  With an eye on sustainability, Uniloy has released designs that provide the same top load and drop test results with bottles weighing 10 percent less.

New blow molds are constructed with the premium grade of Alcoa aluminum providing the best corrosion resistance along with excellent thermal conductivity.  Designs go through FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to determine the best design option.

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