It’s DME’s Annual Mold Date Insert Promotion!
Save Now on All DME Mold Date & Service Mark Inserts.


Take advantage of the superior quality and versatility of the Mold Date and Recycle Inserts that have defined the industry standard for over five decades.

10% OFF Through November 30th, 2018 - Bundle with a Mold Base and Save an Additional 5%


Dual-Ring Mold Dating Inserts

  • Double indexable: both arrows independently “click into position”
  • All inserts remain flush when rotated Mold Dating Inserts for Blind Hole


  • Installs with insert’s capture screw in to the mold plate
  • Thru hole not necessary for removal
  • Changes and maintenance done in the press Indexable Mold Dating Inserts
  • Provides indexable snap-in-place alignment of arrow
  • Unique design keeps inner insert flush for three full turns
  • 4mm diameter (available in Indexable Insert only)


Indexable Inserts & Front Removable Inserts

  • Provides product traceability
  • Allows placement of year, month, day, shift, or numerals (0-9) on part for batch identification
  • Easily adjustable inner insert is removable using a screwdriver
  • Date-sensitive inner insert can be changed at the parting line without removing outer insert
  • Offers a broad variety of insert dating combinations
  • Available in 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 20mm diameters

Choose from two styles to suit your application:

  • Indexable and front removable


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