Milacron’s Hot Runner Brand, Mold-Masters, Announces Enhancements and Extended Capabilities to the E-Multi Auxiliary Injection Units

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September 28, 2015

(CINNCINATI, OH – September 28, 2015) – Milacron Holdings Corp. (NYSE: MCRN), a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry, announced that the company’s industry leading auxiliary injection unit, the E-Multi has received several enhancements and an updated software package.

The E-Multi is an all-electric, servomotor driven, mold or platen mounted, fully mobile auxiliary injection unit for multi-material or multi colored applications. The E-Multi is the ideal solution for molders who are looking to economically optimize their existing injection molding machine assets with an auxiliary injection unit solution that is highly mobile, compact and footprint neutral.

Milacron Global Product Manager, E-Multi, Yann Coquelle stated, “The E-Multi maximizes the injection molding performance and allows molders to enter into the growing multi-material and multicolor application market by leveraging the simplicity, precision and cost efficiency of the E-Multi. We have seen customers turn mono-molding facilities into multi-material production lines with the lowest capital investment solution in the market.”

Coquelle went on to extol the versatility of the unit, “The E-Multi is not brand dependent. It can be purchased alongside a Milacron injection molding machine or separately to be used on a molders existing injection molding machine, regardless of the manufacturer.”

Model Enhancements:

The mold-mounted E-Multi EM1* model has received a new carriage that provides enhanced utility and a compact fit of the unit into the molding area. Along with the new carriage the EM1 has a relocated spring pack to provide increased tie-bar clearance and increased mechanical nozzle protrusion adjustment from +/- 5 mm to +/- 15 mm.

The new E-Multi EM1** and EM2** Mold Mounted models with servo carriage are designed for applications requiring sprue-break (the ability to retract the nozzle each cycle away from the melt inlet). This significant advancement allows these new models to be utilized for applications where injection at the parting line is required or in applications where the melt inlet moves relative to where the secondary injection unit is located, increasing the
E-Multi’s already impressive flexibility. This is a breakthrough for customers looking to modernize their current injection molding lines allowing for immediate part changes.

E-Multi EM3 and EM4 get E-Radial Capabilities :

The larger E-Multi EM3 and EM4 models are now capable of being outfitted with the radial option. E-Multi Radial mounts to the top of the stationary platen and allows the E-Multi unit to rotate to the “Parked Position”, providing unobstructed access to the mold mounting face for quick mold change. Servo sprue break motion is standard. The EM3 and EM4 units are capable of shots of 57cc to 499 cc.

Software Update:

Milacron has released the latest version of the E-Multi software (V1.34) and is now shipping on all new E-Multi systems. The software release has 68 new features and enhancements:

  • Automatic Carriage calibration
  • Safety ramp control for high-speed injection
  • New E-Radial control
  • Control  of Varian Rotary Table
  • Co-injection integrated as standard option
  • SmartMold Communications

Varian Turntable:

With the E-Multi software update comes the ability to integrate a Milacron Varian rotary table and have it controlled through the E-Multi control cabinet. Multi-component molding is a sophisticated discipline that’s increasingly in demand. Using different materials in one product can improve the design and durability while being cost effective. The Milacron Varian turntables proven technology along with an E-Multi can be added to any machine to expand its capabilities.

Milacron’s combined technologies and industry leading brands allow customers the flexibility to purchase an
E-Multi à la carte or in a complete 2K package with a Milacron injection molding machine, E-Multi and a Varian Turntable. With Milacron the possibilities are endless.

The E-Multi lineup now has four core models, EM1, EM2, EM3 and EM4. This range is available with many options and customizations, making it capable of covering every multi-material injection molding need. Milacron’s E-Multi is the leader in auxiliary injection units in the plastics processing industry.

* (EM1-15 and EM1-30: 14mm through to 22mm screw – standard and high-speed models)
**(EM1-15SC and EM1-30SC: 14 though to 22mm screws standard and high-speed)

**(EM2-50SC and EM2-80SC: 18 though to 25mm screws)


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