E-Multi auxiliary injection units are managed by an advanced, specialized multi-function controller. Included with every E-Multi, the controller allows for capabilities far beyond just injection molding to ensure you have the tools and flexibility you need to optimize your molding operation.

Color Touch Screen Interface

The E-Multi’s large 15″ touch screen has been designed to offer full functionality and familiar navigation. By significantly reducing the systems learning curve, E-Multi makes sure you’re back into production faster. Every function is easily accessible and data is displayed in graphs or charts for immediate understanding.

Integration Options

Expand the functionality of the E-Multi controller and centralize control of mold functions. Significantly enhances operational simplicity and eliminates the space and cost requirements of unnecessary equipment. With the E-Multi controller integrate:

User Configurable

Common to many of the controllers Mold-Masters produces, we feel that our customers should be empowered to have the ability to help themselves whenever possible. With the E-Multi controller, users have the ability to configure processes themselves saving time and money by eliminating unnecessary service visits.

Virtual Network Control (VNC)

Use your existing IMM interface and tuck the controller away. With one less monitor to watch, E-Multi can be configured to accommodate any environment.

Multi-Level Access

The E-Multi ensures process security with built in Multi-Level security access. To make any necessary process adjustments, RFID cards give quick and easy access to Operators or Supervisors.

E67 / E12 (SPI) Interface

Industry standard IMM format ensures machine to machine compatibility for hassle free integration into your operation.

Global Technical Support

Ensuring our customers receive the highest level of support, MasterCARE is built into each E-Multi controller. This allows our highly experienced and knowledgeable technicians to remotely access, diagnose and resolve issues anywhere in the world over an internet connection. Now get back into production faster than ever before.