Hot runners offer many advantages compared to cold runners:

  • For many applications, the wasted cold runner can double the piece part cost
  • Higher productivity yields due to reduced process cycle times
  • Eliminating the cold runner saves the added labour from runner handling, gate trimming, and regrinding
  • Managing additional overhead and operational factors such as added chilling capacity and the noise and dust related to grinding scrap runners

This hot runner justification tool will allow for a quick analysis of hot and cold runner economics.

The basic tool requires only three simple user inputs that are focused on:

1. Molded part weight
2. Maximum wall thickness
3. Resin

Based on these three basic inputs, the remaining factors are estimated and calculated for a range of 2 to 48 cavities. The output graphs compare the breakeven volumes and costs for hot and cold runner choices.

For more insight and customization, the advanced tool allows for additional inputs and changes to suit a specific application.

It should be noted that this comparison tool is only an approximation and should be only used as a guideline. For additional support, please contact your local sales representative.


Part Weight (kg)
Maximum Part Thickness (mm)
Resin Cost ($/kg)
Allowable Percentage of Regrind
Energy Cost ($/kWhr)
Manpower Cost - Machine Operator ($/hr)
Overhead Rate (Injection Molding Machine, Building, facilities) ($/hr)