The E-Multi auxiliary injection unit is fully compatible with any IMM and can easily adapt to any molding cell. Its compact dimensions make it highly mobile so that it can be operated on multiple machines within an operation and gives it the versatility to fit into tight spaces.


The most common mounting solution, E-Multi is bolted to the hot half of the mold (non-operator side) and typically supported by our compact stand. E-Multi’s compact footprint allows it to be operated with a footprint as little as 1.5m² (16 ft²). Quick and easy to remove for rapid mold changes it also facilitates movement from one machine to another when flexibility is critical.


A common mounting solution that is favoured when the area around the IMM is limited. E-Multi can be vertically mounted directly to the hot half of the mold, either to the stationary or moving platen, completely eliminating the E-Multi footprint from the operational area.


A vertical, machine mounted solution that works well with parting line injection applications. E-Radial enables movement of the E-Multi unit and can swing completely out of the way when not in use. This facilitates simpler and faster mold changes since E-Multi stays with the machine. Available only for Thermoplastic applications.

Custom (Everything in Between)

The E-Multi auxiliary injection unit platform is extremely versatile. Regardless of your set-up, E-Multi can be positioned in an almost unlimited number of ways to best suit your requirements and accommodate your limitations. Feel free to speak to a representative to see what we can do for you.