For over 70 years, Genca has been a worldwide leader in designing the most innovative and precision tooling for the extrusion industry. With our extensive experience, highly skilled engineering staff, state-of-the-art manufacturing system and exceptional service, Genca continues to bring ideal solutions to our customers’ most challenging needs.

Hose, Pipe & Consumer Products

Genca produces tooling to extrude a wide variety of hose, pipe and consumer products including:

  • Fire Hoses & Garden Hoses
  • Multi-Layer Cosmetic Tubes
  • Foam Core & Coated Lumber
  • Shaped Profiles
  • Flexible & Rigid Pipes
  • Heat Transfer Pipe with ID Spiral
  • Parts with OD Spiral
  • Coated Steel Cables
  • Co-Extruded Pencils
  • Irrigation Hose & Pipe
  • Caulking Tubes
  • Pneumatic Tubes
  • Reinforced Industrial Hose
  • Heat Shrink Tubes
  • Conduit/ Fiber Optic Tubes

Extrusion Headsindustry_hp_1

All Genca extrusion heads and tooling are available in stainless steel, high temp steel (Inconel) and high strength tool steels, except Tri and Bi-Dies. Metallurgy of all heads is tempered through heat treatment to obtain optimum life. All melt flow channels, spiral or multi-channels are precision designed and manufactured to obtain balanced flow over the full range of operation. Assembly/disassembly tool kits are available for all extrusion heads.

Tooling Reference Charts

These reference charts give an overview of the various types of extrusion dies and cross-heads available from Genca. But, Genca offers many model variations not shown. So it is important to discuss your specific application with a Genca Sales Engineer.