TempMaster controllers incorporate a range of intelligent technology designed to enhance your operations potential and protect your capital investments. As molding processes become even more technical, intelligent technology helps automate the workload and lets you focus more on the areas that matter with greater peace of mind.

Soft Start

Heaters can be severely damaged from arcing in damp conditions. Soft start eliminates this risk by using low voltage Phase Angle Firing to dry out heaters on start-up. Significantly extends the life of your equipment.



Plastic Leak Detection

Plastic leakage can result in costly repairs and extended downtime to fix. This protection feature continuously monitors for unusual power consumption increases and automatically stops the process before damage is done.

Low Mass, High Watt Density Nozzle Control

Specialized, separate control for smaller more sensitive nozzles and their unique thermal characteristics. Greatly improves power balance and performance. Especially valuable in molds utilizing a range of nozzle sizes.

Continuous Ground Fault Detection

The system monitors itself for power level loss to prevent compromising the molding process and maintain consistent production quality. Quickly notifies operator for fast corrective action.

Automatic Tool Diagnostics

System checks wiring and heater elements for damage. Prevents system from heating up to processing temperature until issue is fixed, preventing damage.

NEW HR Performance Tracking System

Only TempMaster M2 controllers can track hot runner heater performance. Allows users to easily identify and replace heaters that have deteriorated below acceptable limits. Helps ensure that mold performance is maintained at optimal levels.


*Features may vary by model. For more details please speak with a sales representative.