Powering every TempMaster controller is our advanced M-Series control cards. M-Series cards feature the latest technology with innovations to deliver the performance, power, flexibility and reliability that molders rely on.

Advanced APS Microprocessors

M-Series control cards incorporate the latest microprocessor technology. Fast processing and response speeds allow continuous monitoring of temperature zones and facilitates the continuous micro adjustments that are necessary for the precision that TempMaster is recognized for. In addition, they also have the ability to adapt to any load condition to ensure power is delivered smoothly and consistently.

“All-in-One” Card Designs

Some controllers require that they be taken apart for servicing which entails navigating through a ton of wires. This makes servicing and maintenance very time consuming and difficult. TempMaster M-Series control cards on the other hand greatly simplify controller maintenance and minimize downtime. Control cards are easily accessed by opening the controller door. Control cards simply slide out of of the card rack in seconds. Heater and thermocouple fuses are located directly on the card and can be replaced in seconds. No disassembly, no wires, no problem.

Wide Control Card Range

TempMaster control cards are offered in one of the broadest ranges in the market. Available in a range of zone and power combinations, molders have complete flexibility to control anything from hot runner tips to X-Large manifolds in the card combination that suits their operation best. In addition, TempMaster offers some of the highest zone configurations of equivalent power ratings in the market reducing your card quantity requirements by up to 60% vs. alternatives.

M-Series Card Options

TempMaster M2

  • 6z-5A
  • 4z-15A
  • 2z-20A
  • 1z-40A
  • NEW 1z-30A (3 Phase-480V), Automotive

TempMaster M1

  • 6z-15A

TempMaster MT

  • 2z-15A

Unbeatable Reliability

Best of all, TempMaster M-Series control cards are also one of the most reliable. This translates into continued lifetime savings in production, maintenance and repair costs. Our reliability also allows you to reduce your spare parts inventory for even greater savings. To show how confident we are, M1 and M2 control cards are backed by a 5 year warranty.