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Benefits of Replacing Metal Cans with Plastic Cans

For years, the canned food industry has been dominated by metal. There haven’t been any revolutionary changes in the canned food industry until now, with the introduction of plastic cans. The highest quality plastic cans are injection molded and manufactured using a patented co-injection molding process and are a combination of polypropylene plastic with an EVOH barrier layer. The plastic cans offer all of the same features as metal cans, with even more great benefits including:


What is Co-injection?

Does your food or beverage packaging need an oxygen barrier, light blocking, or carbon dioxide retention for extended shelf life? Are you molding a part that could be filled with regrind? Do you want to differentiate yourself on the shelf with aesthetic packaging by implementing color gradation, foaming or other effects in your package? If you responded yes, then co-injection technology could be right for your application.