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Getting Smarter

If titles were being considered for the plastics industry in 2018, it is fair to categorize it as the year of “smart everything”. In fact, it has seen a fair bit of transformation this year both in technology and capabilities but also the mindset or direction of plastics processing in general.

From many of the industry exchanges we experienced at the beginning of the year, the comments posed were often hovering around the tenuous question of “should we or shouldn’t we invest and investigate” in any, or some of the IIoT manufacturing technologies being touted. Since then, I think it’s safe to say that more than enough software, hardware and technology has been showcased this year across the industry (and even from our own corner) to change that question and subsequent mindset.


5 Things to Consider While Attending NPE 2018

As NPE 2018 draws ever closer, the majority of the plastics industry in the U.S., and even the world over, are putting the final touches on their marketing and tradeshow booths and assorted items as they prepare to print, package, crate, ship, tow, haul and ultimately descend on Orlando, Florida. For exhibitors, the tradeshow is undeniably their best opportunity to showcase their latest and greatest technology, products and applications to respond to the ever evolving demands and changes in the industry.


Industry 4.0: The IoT Revolution

Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are synonyms for connected devices that allow the owner to gain more efficiency and productivity from their equipment. The ability to control light switches in a home with a voice command, t-shirts that recognize your heart rate while exercising, utilizing smart technology in your refrigerator to know when you need more milk, or adjusting your HVAC remotely utilizing an intelligent thermostat. Each of these solutions offer a clear path to enhancing your productivity and saving you money.


The Value of 1 Second

The plastics industry is but one of many industrial and technological sectors of the US and global economies that are highly fixated on time. The cliché adage, time is money (and yes we’ve used that in an ad or two), is actually quite appropriate if not downright fundamentally integral to the plastics industry.