Uniloy blow molding machine

What is blow molding?

Blow molding is the process of forming a molten tube (referred to as the parison or preform) of thermoplastic material (polymer or resin) and placing the parison or preform within a mold cavity and inflating the tube with compressed air, to take the shape of the cavity and cool the part before removing from the mold.


Choosing the Right Screw and Barrel

It cannot be overstated that the process of selecting the appropriate screw and barrel combination for your plastics application is a critical part of the success or failure of any particular machine cell. However, most people may not realize how often that this very selection process is done in error or even done incompletely.


The Value of 1 Second

The plastics industry is but one of many industrial and technological sectors of the US and global economies that are highly fixated on time. The cliché adage, time is money (and yes we’ve used that in an ad or two), is actually quite appropriate if not downright fundamentally integral to the plastics industry.


Material Impact

The very basis of the plastics industry is, and are the pelletized materials that are manipulated, combined, synthesized, heated, injected, extruded and blown into the myriad number of molds and auxiliaries that the industry has to offer.


Safety in the New Year

Plastics manufacturers are some of the more safety concerned organizations in the US today. The efficacy and safety of the products they produce, whether in medical, automotive or even packaging and consumer goods is of utmost importance to their brand, their bottom line and the lives of those consumers that utilize those products. Within that list of affected audiences, are manufacturing employees.