Mold-Masters MasterCARE® preventative maintenance plans are designed to simplify your maintenance, help eliminate breakdowns and control costs. A wide choice of options exist to suit any type of operation so you get the exact level and frequency of service your operation requires. Remember, 1 hour of preventative maintenance can save up to 5 hours of unscheduled downtime. Unlock your operations full potential with MasterCARE.

Protect Equipment

  • Continued service at the appropriate intervals significantly extends the service life of your system.
  • Renewed warranty on replaced components.
  • Extended system warranty with refurbishments.

Maintain Performance and Reliability

  • We use only OEM spare parts.
  • Maintain your original high molded part quality.
  • Operate with complete peace of mind.
  • Produce with 100% cavitation.

Minimize Downtime

  • 1hr of PM saves 5hrs of unscheduled repairs.
  • Reduction in unplanned service interruptions.
  • Spare parts on-hand when you need them.

Control Costs and Save Money

  • Discounts on spare parts.
  • Various service levels for every budget.
  • All inclusive pricing options available for complete piece of mind.

All Preventative Maintenance Plans Include:

  • Pre-Scheduled Service.
  • Experienced Mold-Masters Technicians.
  • Original Mold-Masters Spare Parts.

*Please speak with your local Mold-Masters representative for full and complete details.