Cimcool Introduces Cimpulse – One Fluid for All Shops and All Markets

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August 20, 2015

When you need performance and reliability, follow your impulse.

CINCINNATI, OH – August 20, 2015) – Milacron Holdings Corp. (NYSE: MCRN) – Milacron Fluid Technologies brand Cimcool, a leader in fluid technology and proud member of the Milacron family is pleased to announce the launch of CimpulseTM – One Fluid for All Shops and All Markets.

Cimpulse 51MP, Cimpulse 45MP and Cimpulse 33MP are new fluids in the Cimcool family. Cimpulse products are multifunctional and designed to allow metalworking shops to utilize one fluid in their entire shop. In most cases, a Cimpulse fluid can be used to consolidate all the different fluids being used within their plant.

Cimpulse fluids have been formulated for use in both high-pressure systems and standard flood applications. Cimpulse metalworking fluids utilize a hybrid blend of lubricants to deliver superior mix stability and reduced tool wear as well as provide long sump life.

Cimpulse 51MP for example, is a multipurpose non-chlorinated, triazine- free fluid that provides users excellent high-pressure foam and corrosion control. It keeps machines and parts clean and provides emulsion stability, long sump life and good bio-control.

“We are confident that Cimcool’s Cimpulse metalworking fluids will change the way metalworking shops think about fluids. Cimpulse is a revolutionary fluid technology unmatched in the market. We believe that a Cimpulse fluid can help all of our customers reduce their inventory and improve their metalworking operations,” said Jack Teat, Cimcool Fluid Technology President,

Whether you have a preference for oil or not, you can select a Cimpulse product to suit every application need. In testing, Cimpulse 51MP delivered the following:

  • 10% better cutting forces compared to traditional competitors
  • 10% better grinding ratios compared to traditional competitors
  • 20% lower foaming in high pressure foam tests compared to traditional competitors

At Cimcool, technology is more than just a buzzword; it is, and has been, our business and culture for more than 70 years. Our metalworking fluids are the premier choice in all major metalworking fluid markets and general industrial metalworking applications. When buying a Cimcool fluid, you are actually buying fluid technology. That includes all the required service and expertise to optimize performance in your operations.

On every level: Quality, Quantity, Fluid Life, Working Conditions, and Environmental Impact, Cimcool is an excellent way to reduce your total production costs.

Worldwide, our customers enjoy productivity gains using the technology provided from Cimcool’s complete line of metalworking fluids.

TM – Cimcool and Cimpulse are trademarks of Milacron LLC.


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