Milacron to Display the Plastics Industry’s Most Complete Offering at Chinaplas 2016

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April 20, 2016

(CINCINNATI, OH – April 20, 2016) – Milacron Holdings Corp. (NYSE: MCRN), a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry proudly announce their upcoming presence at Chinaplas 2016, the 30th Anniversary edition of the world’s second largest plastics trade fair. Milacron will showcase the industry’s most complete plastics offering in two booths. Booth E2 D21 will feature Milacron’s injection molding, blow and extrusion machinery and booth E4 H31will showcase Milacron’s Mold-Masters and DME brands industry leading hot runners, process control systems and mold components.

Milacron has a very proud history in China with many years of experience and long lasting customer relationships across the ever growing Chinese plastics market. That unparalleled experience and knowhow highlights Milacron’s commitment to its customers in Asia. Milacron has multiple locations in China and offices in Japan, Korea and Singapore. Milacron proudly manufactures injection molding machines, extrusion machines, hot runners and mold components in China for the Chinese and surrounding market.

An Heid, Mold-Masters President, Americas and Asia commented, “The Mold-Masters brand has a rich history and unmatched reputation for speed and innovation globally, but particularly in China.  We can offer our customers rapid solutions, with 5-day hot runner system turnaround, enabling our customers to produce their products even faster.  We have become an extension to our customers’ production line and are proud to have worked on many groundbreaking designs with our customers. As a proud member of the Milacron family, Mold-Masters has the ability to offer much more to our customers. We can continue to offer stand alone hot runner and process control systems or customers can choose to package the industries best solutions from Milacron, including machines, mold components, auxiliaries and ground breaking technologies like co-injection.”

James Tien, General Manager Operations, Injection Molding Machines, Milacron China was quoted saying, “Milacron’s injection molding machines continue to gain traction in the competitive Chinese market. Our customers have provided positive feedback regarding machine performance and on time shipment, with many of the machines shipped this year already making good parts in production facilities across China. Milacron is dedicated to serving the Asian market and our unmatched lifecycle customer management is a value added asset that our competition simply cannot match.”

Milacron Machinery Booth – E2 D21

On display at the Milacron machinery booth will be technologies from Milacron’s industry leading product brands including Milacron injection and extrusion molding machines and the Uniloy brands blow molding machines.

Milacron Ferromatik Series 160 – Focus on Packaging, Consumer Goods, and Medical Technology Industries

Milacron’s Ferromatik Series is a modular injection molding machine group available in servo or all-electric formats, allowing customers to customize a machine to their needs. With machines in 10 different sizes, the Ferromatik Series offers fast, quiet operations, short cycle times and exceptional energy savings. The high-capacity linear bearings and structural integrity of the machine bed ensure precision guidance of the moving platen, even with heavy molds. The swiveling injection unit allows for easy screw replacement, and Ferromatik Series is flexible enough that it can be upgraded and retrofitted easily as your needs change.

At Chinaplas the Ferromatik-Series160 will be molding a 4-cavity yogurt cup with in molding labeling at less than 3.6 second cycles. The work cell features a Mold-Masters TempMaster M1 12-zone for controller for precise control.

 NEW Milacron Elektron Evolution 275 – Energy Efficient, All-Electric Technology

A product of Milacron’s years of innovation in all-electric injection molding technology the Elektron uses the advanced Ferromatik-Series control system Mosaic. Designed for a full range of applications and in a wide variety of sizes, it offers customers outstanding value to help them achieve their plastics manufacturing goals. Milacron’s Elektron Evolution uses 60 percent less energy and 90 percent less water than hydraulic injection molding machines, reducing operating costs substantially. Setting the standard for movement repeatability, Elektron Evolution’s stroke precision of servo-driven axis is significantly greater than top hydraulic systems, making it the best injection molding machine for the reliable production of high-precision parts. With no oil disposal, leaks or slipping hazards, Elektron Evolution is perfect for clean room environments regardless of machine size needed.

At Chinaplas, the Elektron Evolution (EO 275) will be producing a blood tube at less than 12 seconds. The 48-cavity mold uses a TempMaster M1 process control system.

 Uniloy Injection Blow Series 85HY – Scrap-Free Precision Blow Molding of containers for the pharmaceutical, medical, food and cosmetic/personal care industries

Milacron’s Uniloy Injection Blow Molding Series (IBS) includes a complete line of 3-station injection blow systems with clamp forces from 70 to 250 tons available in hydraulic, hybrid or all-electric configuration. Injection blow molding is the best processing choice for producing the highest quality, finished containers that consistently meet close tolerance specifications. The industry leading standard features built into every Milacron injection blow molding system, along with a wide variety of available options, give customers the capabilities to mold complex shapes and meet high production requirements.

At Chinaplas the Uniloy IBS 85HY will be molding a HDPE 20 ml tablet bottle. The 12-cavity mold will run 11 second cycle times.

Extrusion Technologies

Milacron both designs and builds full extrusion systems in house. Milacron’s breadth of extrusion offerings is all encompassing, from extruders, to new and rebuilt extrusion barrels and screws, to pipe heads, dies and downstream equipment. Milacron provides powerful, reliable solutions that meet customers’ unique needs. Milacron’s extrusion solutions are highly customizable and increase productivity, output and accuracy, while reducing costs.


Milacron Hot Runner, Process Control Systems and Mold Component Booth – E4 H31

On display at the Milacron hot runner and mold component booth will be technologies from Milacron’s industry leading brands, Mold-Masters and DME.

Mold-Masters Hot Runner and Process Control Systems

Mold-Masters Summit-Series Hot Runner – New line of premium hot runners, climbing to new heights.

The Summit-Series is Mold-Masters’ new, premium hot runner line. The new hot runner nozzle has four times less thermal variation from set point, compared to the typical thermal variation seen in a nozzle with a heater band. The Summit-Series hot runner is built completely from stainless steel, which makes it ideal for molding shear and temperature-sensitive resins like PC, POM and PBT.  The nozzle profile positively affects balance and is especially effective for medical market molding where precision is paramount. The Summit-Series can also be ordered with new servo-controlled valve-gate actuators, which allow for individual speed, time and position control of each valve pin in the mold. The Summit-Series is clean room-ready and is the perfect hot runner solution for any molder looking to reduce risk and optimize molding process parameters with minimized variance and strong, repeatable results.

Mold-Masters Fusion G2 Automotive Hot Runner
The new Fusion Series G2 drop-in, single point connection design ensures easy installation, faster start-ups, reliable operation and user-friendly maintenance for medium and large part molding applications.

Highlights include:

  • Screw-in, slim profile nozzles.
  • Multiple heater zones per nozzle for optimized thermal profile field.
  • Replaceable nozzle heaters.
  • Integrated leak proof protection.
  • Completely pre-assembled and pre-wired.
  • Quick access to spare parts due to modular standard components.

Mold-Masters Automotive Lens Hot Runner
With standard components and drop-in features the Mold-Masters Lens hot runner system ensures faster delivery time, easy installation, quick start-ups, and user-friendly maintenance. The clear choice for automotive lenses.

Highlights include:

  • Specially engineered angled manifold assembly
  • Pre-assembled and pre-wired
  • Field replaceable components including heaters
  • Quick actuator disassembly to release valve pin
  • Optional dual thermocouples
  • Optional water cooling nozzle jacket
  • Optional Drop-in functionality with quick disconnects

Mold-Masters TempMaster Control Solutions
Today’s demanding molding applications require a hot runner controller that you can rely on for precision control, ease of use and day-to-day reliability. Equipment size is also an important issue when trying to maximize shop floor utilization. With this in mind, Mold-Masters has designed the M-Series range of controllers.

Highlights include:

  • A wide range of solutions available with the M1, M2, iM2 and MT series from 2 to 560 zone configurations
  • Featuring industry leading Adaptive Process System (APS) software and algorithms
  • User-friendly plug-and-play units make for quick start-ups
  • Now with new fill, flow and control features
  • Compact and configurable solutions to optimize the performance of Mold-Masters or other brands hot runner systems

Mold-Masters E-Multi Auxiliary Injection Unit
The E-Multi is an all electric, servomotor driven, mold or platen mounted, fully mobile auxiliary injection unit for multi-material or multi colored applications. E-Multi is the perfect solution for Molders who are looking to economically optimize their existing injection molding machine assets with an auxiliary injection unit solution that is highly mobile, compact and footprint neutral. Maximize injection-molding performance, reduce costs and attack new markets in multi material application by leveraging the simplicity and precision of E-Multi.

Highlights include:

  • Precise servo motor driven reciprocating screw design.
  • Flexible mounting options.
  • Designed for multi-cavity molds (2-128 cavities)
  • Standard Euromap / SPI communication interface.
  • User friendly, multi-language 15″ touch screen HMI.
  • Production ready and robust process control.
  • Wide range of available integrated mold control modules.
  • Machine mount Radial option.

DME Mold Technologies
Milacron has long been an essential resource to the plastics industry worldwide. Its line of DME market-leading mold technologies represents the industry’s broadest range of products for mold makers, processors and mold designers. Among its offer of unlimited mold base configurations are two new products engineered to save time and money.

NEW DME Large Mold Bases

  • Mold base plate lengths up to 66 inches
  • Plate widths up to 54 inches
  • Plate thickness up to 14 inches
  • Tighter tolerances and faster delivery
  • Highest quality precision finishes

NEW DME MUD Aluminum Insert Molds

  • Superior machining qualities
  • Lighter weight
  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Faster molding cycles

 The entire Milacron family of brands welcomes everyone to Chinaplas April 25-28, in booths E2 D21and E4 H31.

Milacron continues to push the boundaries of possibilities in plastics with breakthrough products from leading brands including Milacron, Mold-Masters, DME, Ferromatik, Uniloy and CIMCOOL.


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