Next Generation of Milacron Solutions from DME & Mold-Masters To Be On Display At K 2019

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September 24, 2019

CINCINNATI, OH – September 23rd, 2019 – Milacron Holdings Corp. (NYSE: MCRN), a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry announces vital product offerings that will be offered at K 2019, the world’s largest plastics trade fair. K 2019 will take place October 16th-23rd in Düsseldorf, Germany. Milacron will be displaying its Advanced Plastics Processing Technologies (APPT) featuring Milacron and Ferromatik product branded injection, and extrusion offerings, as well as Milacron’s Melt Delivery and Control Systems (MDCS). Displays will feature Milacron’s product brands: Mold-Masters, DME, TIRAD, and CIMCOOL in Hall 1, Booth C05.


DME is broadening its spectrum of solutions that support molds and mold makers from pellets to parts, through a series of new and unique products and technologies. The solutions enable better quality parts to be produced at lower costs.


DME is pleased to announce the major expansion in its components range, adding 15 new product ranges and enlarging the standard offering in another 11 ranges. The broader range offers mould designers with more freedom in the design of any mold.


DME guiding systems now include new ball guiding units with and without collar, guide bushes for pusher guides, self-lubricating ball guide bushes for ejector set with graphite inserts for permanent lubrication, recirculating ball bushing for ejector set with unlimited stroke length as well as threaded bolts and inserts for ejector set and many more. New additions to the self-lubricating guiding systems support your applications with high resistance to wear and very good emergency operating features.


An essential component for internal and external undercuts a well-designed lifter travels with the ejection plate and moves on the release angle with the stroke to pull the cavity steel away from the undercuts, typically where slides or other means are not an option. With the new DME 3D ACCUALIGN LIFTER allows for the manufacture of plastic parts with complex geometries and, at the same time, reduces maintenance costs, molding downtime and increase part quality over the mold’s entire life.

Featuring a novel 3D Ball self-alignment system, a patented articulating long-life carbide ball moves within an alignment channel allowing for optimum movement and compensates for any misalignment opposite to the release angle ensuring very low friction and reduced binding.

The DME 3D ACCUALIGN LIFTER is capable of incorporating DME’s novel TruCOOL™ conformal cooling technology helping cool those difficult to reach areas. This allows for maximum production through reduced cycle times, and the elimination of quality problems caused by excessive warpage. This yields a lower piece cost, more efficient production and better part quality.


DME now brings new drilled insulating plates to market. The pre-machined insulation boards with holes, F-cross, with and without the locating ring hole and required no additional reworking.


By having sufficient cooling around the sprue, you can increase the diameter leading to reduced pressure needed to fill your part. This technology offers lifetime savings of a mold that you can now run in a smaller, more economical press. All leading to faster output, lower scrap and superior product results in winning across the board. Using pre-engineered components to provide optimal resin flow provides substantial gain with minimal investment.


FreshStart is a patented, revolutionary, all-purpose purging compound. The MC-2 and GP solutions are only two in a series of innovative and ground-breaking purges designed for the removal of unwanted pigments, polymers and contaminates without leaving residue. Ideal for quick color changes overs, particular liquid pigment dispersions, dyes and engineered resins. FreshStart is a safe, non-abrasive, non-hazardous purging solution developed around General Recognized as Safe (GRAS) ingredients under FDA 21 CFR.


The new DME QR Code insert allows OEM’s to reap all the benefits of traceability and consumer connectivity.For the first time, QR codes can be added to the product during the molding process without making it part of the mold, in a way that won’t be removable or wear off. The NEW DME QR Insert has unlimited possibilities to provide your customer more information about your product, options for re-order, documentation, and optional accessories.


Mold-Masters is excited at the opportunity to showcase its products to customers. There will be a lot to see at this year’s K-Show. We’ll be bringing with us a selection of innovative new products as well as showcasing enhancements engineered to improve the performance, quality and technical capabilities of our customers.


Mold-Masters is proud to be introducing our NEW TempMaster M3 controller platform which incorporates many new exciting innovations including revolutionary NEW TC-Connect Technology and NEW APS-AI. These technologies will simplify your molding cell, save you money and improve your process capabilities.

Through TC-Connect Technology Mold-Masters NEW TempMaster M3 eliminates traditional T/C cables which makes up 50% of all mold cables, saves significant cost, weight, and clutter from the molding cell. TC-CONNECT TECHNOLOGY utilizes a new eBOX design that attaches to the mold. A single, thin and lightweight data communication cable (similar in size to Ethernet) connects from the back of the M3 controller to the eBOX. It’s as simple as that. Wiring the Hot Runner system remains unchanged. This technology is compatible with new and any older (retrofit) Hot Runner Systems.

Mold-Masters is proud to be introducing our NEWTempMaster M3 controller platform which incorporates many new exciting innovations including revolutionary APS-AI Technology. Built upon our existing proprietary APS (Adaptive Process System) algorithm which delivers precision temperature control which has been the benchmark for all TempMaster controllers to date, the addition of Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings a whole new level of speed to your molding process. APS-AI can automatically recognize the behavioral characteristics of individual heaters and configure the controls to optimize each profile. Set points can now be reached faster during start-up while avoiding overshoot or undershoot.

TM-M3 will be available in 4 configurations of which 3 will be traditional tower cabinets and the other 1 will be a new “XS” compact desktop cabinet. M3 utilizes a high capacity 4z-15A modular control card that reduces the number of cards required by up to 50% compared to others in the market. Cabinet designs feature best-in-class compact designs that have a footprint up to 53% more compact than competitive designs. The controller cabinets can be configured to control temperature zones in 4z increments with max zones of (24/48/96/192) respectively. All controllers will feature an advanced, high-resolution touch screen display which depending on the configuration will be either an 8”, 12” or 17” screen which incorporates the new modernized TempMaster interface first introduce with TM-M2+ (along with the original interface) so transitioning from an M2 or M2+ is familiar and seamless. TempMaster M3 will also include many advanced control capabilities carried over from its TempMaster M2+ predecessor which includes Soft Start, Leak Detection, Continuous Ground Fault Detection, Rapid Automatic Tool Diagnostics and much more. Tool diagnostics has recently been updated where it can now complete diagnostics on large cavitation systems in as little as 15 minutes. Where the features and capabilities of the TM-M2+ varied between models, the features and capabilities of the M3 have been upgraded across the board so they are much more comparable from one model to the next so there is no trade-off in performance if you only need the smaller screen size for your lower cavitation application. TempMaster M3 is expected to become available for sale Q1, 2020.


Mold-Masters leads the industry in Bio-Resin application experience, knowledge and success. Long ago we recognized the importance bio-resins represent in helping to preserve the environment for future generations. Mold-Masters has invested considerable time and money in understanding these cutting-edge materials to ensure we’re ready when you are. Not only has Mold-Masters spent extensive time testing a wide selection of these materials in our R&D facility but we have also partnered with the University of Massachusetts. In addition, we worked with leading converters and brand owners to select resins and to define a priority test sequence. This research has allowed us to evaluate and understand the materials of unique properties and effective processing requirements. Some of the bio-resins behaved like conventional polyolefins with a comparable process window, while others behaved similarly to technical resins requiring a very tight temperature control and superior melt management.

Most importantly, Mold-Masters has a variety of real-world application experience which includes high cavitation production tools that have been in long term production.

For the first time at K-Show, compostable coffee capsules will be produced, using a Mold-Masters Co-injection 32-cavity hot runner system as part of a live demonstration. The coffee capsule is completely biodegradable and compostable when thrown into a damp environment. It is made from organic residues (PLA/EVOH). With the additional advantage of the Co-injected barrier layer, the freshness of the coffee is also extended for a truly win-win situation. The live demo will be taking place at the BMB booth (Hall 13, Stand A33) where their injection machine is expected to be running a roughly 5 second cycle time achieving a production rate of 21,000 pieces/hr.

A Mold-Masters hot runner system will be in a separate display showcasing the production of a champagne glass of PLA (compostable bio-resin). Mold-Masters has been a supplier of hot runner systems for PLA since 2009. PLA has poor fluidity however MM was successfully able to process the material while maintaining crystal clear transparency on this very thin part (0.65mm). This specific example on display uses a Master-Series 8-drop hot runner system incorporating a non-symmetrical manifold design and is being run at a 37.5s cycle time. Master-Series systems set the benchmark for performance and reliability with applications across any industry. This demo can be viewed in Hall 13, Booth C93 as part of the Nissei booth.

Mold-Masters Hot Runners, Controllers, and Auxiliary Equipment are proven Bio-Resin processing solutions. These solutions offer:

  • Best-in-class melt management
  • Superior Thermal Management
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Advanced Application Capabilities (such as Co-injection)

Bio-Resins include, but are not limited to bio-sourced, compostable, industrial compostable and bio-degradable materials. Essentially, products made from bio-resins breakdown much more quickly and easily than traditional materials and are environmentally friendly.

Register to attend our special presentation on “Bioplastics in Packaging” as part of the Bioplastics Business Breakfasts Conference on October 17. Speaking will be Mold-Masters own Neil Dewar, Technical Coach who will be speaking about what you need to know about processing Bio-Resins to help ensure the success of your application.

Register here:


Optimized for reliable high-speed molding, Sprint systems are capable of <2 second cycle times, fast color changes and low energy consumption. A range of special features ensures the highest production quality while minimizing downtime.


  • NEW MasterSHIELD Technology enhances leak protection
  • Excellent Processing Capabilities
  • Industry Standard Gate Cut-Out
  • Special Tips Change Color Change up to 47% Faster
  • Available 10 Year Warranty

NEW MasterSHIELD Technology for SPRINT is an innovative pre-loaded nozzle spring design that seals the nozzle to the manifold. This offers enhanced leakage protection even on cold start-ups and provides a wider processing window (+/-100°C from operating temperature). Mold-Masters SPRINT Hot Runner systems now include MasterSHIELD Technology as standard.


Improve your operation by collecting, tracking, and analyzing data gathered from sensors throughout the molding cell. Boost your productivity, and your bottom line, through optimization. Unlock your operations full potential with SmartMOLD.


  • NEW Enhanced Capabilities
  • NEW More Powerful Analytics
  • NEW Mold Sensor Options
  • NEW High Temp. Design
  • NEW Software/UI Updates
  • NEW Equipment Integration Options


Mold-Masters will soon be able to supply their customers with new options for producing PET preforms, both in monolayer and co-injection applications. Not only have we developed a new and improved hot half design, but through our new machine and tooling partnerships with industry leaders, Mold-Masters will be able to offer options for full turnkey solutions especially in the low output market for monolayer, but also for high output in co-injection preform applications. Additionally, Mold-Masters plans for PET wouldn’t be complete without providing full global aftermarket support for all PET customers. Keep a close eye out for more details to be released soon.


Mold-Masters Co-Injection, formerly KORTEC, is the #1 name in Co-Injection (by installed base). Our Co-injection Technology will be producing coffee capsules from within the BMB booth (Hall 13, Stand A33) as a live demo. The Mitaly Co-injected Dolce Gusto coffee capsules being produced have a part weight of 5.7g. The skin material will be PLA while the core (barrier) material, being injected by the E-Multi, is PVOH.

The molding cell features:

  • Mold-Masters Co-injection Hot Half (32-cavity)
  • Mold-Masters Co-injection E-Multi Auxiliary Injection Unit & Controller

The Mold-Masters solution above (known as Co-injection CONNECT) allows molders to easily and economically convert their existing single-shot equipment over to produce Co-injected parts. By utilizing existing equipment molders can reduce their capital investment requirements by up to 84% (vs. purchasing a new full-size 2-shot injection machine).

Mold-Masters Co-Injection Technology is used for placing barrier layers in a wide range of parts including coffee capsules, beverage containers of all kinds, preforms and more in a single step. These high-performance barriers extend shelf life by up to 5x, lower production costs and offer greater design flexibility in a wide range of everyday products.

MASTER-SERIES PLA Champagne Glass Demo

Mold-Masters has been a supplier of hot runner systems for PLA (compostable bio-resin) since 2009. PLA has poor fluidity however MM was successfully able to process the material while maintaining crystal clear transparency on this very thin part (0.65mm). MM HR systems offer production savings by eliminating scrap from cold runners with improved part and gate quality. This specific example on display uses a Master-Series 8-drop hot runner system incorporating a non-symmetrical manifold design and is being run at a 37.5s cycle time. Master-Series systems set the benchmark for performance and reliability with applications across any industry. This demo can be viewed in Hall 13, Booth C93 as part of the Nissei booth.


Master-Series systems set the benchmark for performance and reliability with applications across any industry. This demo features the production of a 2k medical component (PP/PP transparent). Mold-Masters supplied a Master-Series 8+8, 2k system that incorporates our Accu-Valve Gate Technology. Accu-Valve cylindrical gates feature precision alignment which minimizes valve pin wear to ensure exceptional gate quality for millions of cycles. It also significantly minimizes maintenance requirements. There are 2 types of Accu-Valve gates being used MX (general purpose/extended life) and CX (Enhanced color change performance). Although not used in this application, Accu-Valve offers a 3rd option which is Accu-Valve LX (ideal for filled resins, incorporates a replaceable gate insert). Mold-Masters Accu-Valve cylindrical gates come with a standard 3 million cycle or 1-year warranty (whichever comes first.) This warranty covers premature wear of the Accu-Valve gate components. This is all produced in a single cell utilizing a high precision mold with a servo-driven cube spin stack. This demo can be viewed in Hall 15/B42-C58 as part of the Engel booth.

Hear about our Technology – Milacron Invites Trade Press to Press Conference October 17th at 2:00 pm (14:00) – Upstairs in Hall 1, Booth C05

Milacron’s Mac Jones, President of APPT Americas and Europe, will welcome the esteemed press to the Milacron booth and provide a business overview. Andy Stirn, Director of New Product Development and Product Management, and Kurt Waldhauer, Vice President of Extrusion Sales, will be providing an update on Advanced Plastics Processing Technologies (APPT). Hans Hagelstein, Mold-Masters President Europe, Middle East, Africa and India, An Heid, Mold-Masters President Americas and Asia, and Peter Smith, DME President will provide an update on Milacron’s Melt Delivery and Control System business. A Q&A session will follow the formal presentation and attendees will be encouraged to take a personalized tour with the Milacron team.

Members of the press and anyone interested in attending the press conference may register here:


The current line-up of Products and Brands coming to K 2019 from Milacron can be found at:

Milacron continues to push the boundaries of possibilities in plastics with breakthrough products from leading brands including Milacron, Mold-Masters, DME, Ferromatik, TIRAD, and CIMCOOL.

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Established in 1963 by Jobst and Waltraud Gellert, Mold-Masters is one of the world’s leading suppliers of hot runner technology and systems. Mold-Masters designs, manufactures, and supports a full range of hot runner products, including hot runner systems, temperature controllers, hot halves, and various gating technologies. We are always looking to deliver the ultimate in melt delivery and control systems.


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