Rental Options Now Available for New Milacron Machinery

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May 07, 2020

Milacron launching a new rental option through our exclusive financing partner, Equipment Finance ­­Group (EFG).

Milacron, a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry, is launching a new rental option for machinery upgrades through our exclusive financing partner, Equipment Finance Group (EFG). Renting offers advantages that owning does not, including lower monthly payments, which are typically spread out over the course of months or years rather than delivered in a lump sum. The equipment rental option officially launched on March 25th following an agreement with EFG to meet the demands for increased temporary capacity, to produce products to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

Equipment Rental Options

RENTAL TERMS 12 months 18 months 24 months



  • Rental credit if purchased
  • Return the machinery with no additional obligation
  • Continue to rent for a renegotiated length of time or payment

Machinery rental is available in 12, 18 and 24-month options. At the end of the term, the equipment can be returned with no further obligation, bought for a predetermined price that includes credits from your previous payments, or continue through a renegotiated rental option.

Milacron continues to offer additional flexible financing options. Depending on the needs of customers, low payments are available, as well as deferred payment to provide manufacturers an extra window before the first payment is due.

Milacron is working to support machinery ownership through Milacron’s Quick Delivery Program that includes the Roboshot, Q-Series and MPs, which can be delivered to domestic facilities in as little as five days. Milacron ServTek Services is dedicated to extending the life of that investment. Our technology and service expertise means you are guaranteed a quality, high-performance product for many years. Our Aftermarket Service Teams provide the widest range of tools and resources required to improve manufacturing processes and the bottom line.

For information regarding equipment financing, contact:

David Martin – Milacron, VP of Commercial Operations and Marketing
[email protected]

Chris Lyle – EFG
[email protected]
For general inquiries, contact [email protected].

About Milacron

Milacron is a global leader in the manufacture, distribution, and service of highly engineered and customized systems within the plastic technology and processing industry. Milacron offers global solutions that include injection molding and extrusion equipment, plus a wide market range of advanced auxiliary technologies.

Lacy Wise

Communications Manager at Milacron
[email protected]