Eliminate Degradation of Your Screw, Tip and End Cap

Tired of PVC and CPVC getting burned, degraded and baked onto feedscrews? Sick of cleaning, repairing and re-chroming your components? Hate shutting down your PVC process for all the corrosion-related maintenance?  You’ll love the PVCStar Package from Milacron Aftermarket – a corrosive-resistant screw, smear-head tip and end cap proven to eliminate all the corrosive effects of PVC/CPVC attacking the base substrate material, causing imperfections.

The typical solution involves frequent cleanings and the use of multiple plating to cover the imperfections. The more cleaning, the more wear through the chrome, the more imperfections exposed to the process.  Expensive, time-consuming re-chroming and repair were the only alternatives. Until now.  PVCStar’s flexible ceramic coating resists the release of corrosive chlorides and acids as part of the process – and thus, resists all corrosion effects.

A Closer Look at the PVCStar Process

1. PVCStar ceramic coating completely fills micro-cracks of chrome plate with chromium oxide (Cr203).

  • Prevents blistering of plating caused by penetration of chlorides through the chrome plate
  • Stops plastic (polymer) from wedging into micro-cracks
  • Make cleaning of components easier and faster
  • Lowers friction

2. Chlorides or other acids do not attack chromium oxide (Cr203).

3. The process chemically bonds the Cr203 to both the chrome plate and the substrate, increasing the bond strength of the chrome plate to the substrate.

4. Component lifespan increases, as demonstrated by laboratory corrosion (salt fog) tests:

  • Plain chrome plate average life – 100 hours, plain chrome plate average life
  • Ceramic-coated densified chrome plate average life – 2,000+ hours