Lower Energy Costs…Guaranteed.

The TCS Thermal Control Solutions system consists of a radiant heating element embedded in our high-temperature fiber insulation. Radiant heat goes directly into the barrel and not into your plant, saving energy on the heaters and your air conditioning bill! Air cooling channels located under the heater quickly remove the heat and keep your barrel temperature under control energy – efficiently. This tightly controls the temperature of the barrel at virtually no maintenance cost.

Save up to 70% on Energy Costs

Using Rex Materials Group Pyrolite® ceramic insulation, high radiant energy release from the exposed element directs all heat into the barrel. The system does not depend on maintaining good contact to conduct heat into the barrel.

Faster Response Time

Unlike ceramic bands, aluminum-finned cast and water-cooled heaters that must first heat themselves before conducting heat into the barrel, the TCS heaters transfer heat immediately, providing faster response times. Conversely, when cooling, ambient air delivered directly to the barrel surface provides instant cooling.

Tighter Temperature Control

The TCS controls barrel temperatures within +/- 1° F, resulting in less scrap and higher-quality product.

Maintenance-Free Barrel Cooling

Unlike water cooling with its high maintenance costs and downtime, the TCS provides years of maintenance-free operation, resulting in significant cost savings.

Demonstrated Payback in Less Than One Year

Factoring in energy savings, maintenance savings, less downtime, improved response time, increased productivity , and increased operator safety and comfort, the TCS is quickly becoming the standard for plastics injection molders and extruders.