Automotive Light Weighting with Quality Surface Finish



Reliability, precision, versatility and user-friendliness. 

AsSeenAtNPE 2Engineered for excellence, Maxima features a servo motor design that provides improved repeatability, reduced energy consumption and low operating noise. The servo system only delivers flow as it is needed, preventing unnecessary generation of heat and significantly reducing oil cooling requirements. The life of seals and hydraulic components are increased, oil life is enhanced and radiated heat load on the factory floor is reduced.

Maxima is one of Milacron’s most energy-efficient machines. The servo-hydraulic machines provides up to 70% energy savings over similar full hydraulic machines, with a reduction in molding costs, maintenance costs and heat load on the factory floor. The high-value injection molding machines combines the advantage of a precise and accurate 2-platen mechanism with advanced, user-friendly controls.


  • Gas Counter-Pressure Light Weighting
  • Mold-Masters Fusion G2 Hot Runner
  • NEW Mold-Masters SmartMold Technology


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