Mold-Masters E-Multi

An all-electric injection solution, the E-Multi converts conventional injection molding into highly efficient multi-shot machines.


E-Multi is an all electric, servomotor driven, mold or platen mounted, fully mobile auxiliary injection unit for multi-material or multi colored applications. E-Multi is the perfect solution for Molders who are looking to economically optimize their existing injection molding machine assets with an auxiliary injection unit solution that is highly mobile, compact and foot print neutral. Maximize injection-molding performance, reduce costs and attack new markets in multi material application by leveraging the simplicity and precision of E-Multi.


• Precise servo motor driven reciprocating screw design.
• Flexible mounting options.
• Designed for multi-cavity molds (2-128 cavities)
• Standard Euromap / SPI communication interface.
• User friendly, multi-language 15″ touch screen HMI.
• Production ready and robust process control.
• Wide range of available integrated mold control modules.
• Machine mount Radial option.

• Custom or compact stand for horizontal applications.
• Reduces the over-hung load on the machine/mold.
• Simplifies mold changes.
• Material loader.
• Special robot interface (non Euromap 67, 12 or SPI AN-146-2006).
• Co-injection technology ready.
• Auxiliary servo drive and motor for rotary mold function.
• Extended nozzle assembly.
• Integrated mold heat controller.
• Machine mounted radial option.
• Climate controlled electrical cabinet.
• Remote mount HMI (pendant design).
• Integrated mold functions.
• High-speed injection.
• Oil fill kit.



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