*Mold-Masters iM2 Controller

Integrate the M2 Controller into your Injection Molding Machine


Now our TempMaster M2 Controller can be fully integrated into any injection molding machine allowing for optimal precision while eliminating the entire controller footprint. A single HMI can now be used for all control requirements. Total control – fully integrated.

Photo of Mold-Masters TempMaster iM2 hot runner temperature controller


• Available from 4-144 zones
• Flexible options – Use serial-SPI, Ethernet-VNC, RDP, Modbus, Powerlink to communicate with IMM – HMI with IMM – HMI
• Uses standard M2 control cards: 5A, 15A, 30A, 40A
• Built-in UPS supply
• Built-in IO functions linked to machine interlocking
• 0.1 degree control accuracy
• Unique soft-start and continuous Ground Fault Detection
• Fully automatic tool diagnostic
• Plastic leak detection
• Colour change optimization with Purge Wizard
• Hot runner performance tracking system
• Tool ID system
• Water flow monitoring system
• Built-in sequential valve gating functions
• Easy to use 3D graphics with HMI touch screen
• Mold pictures and tool storage info
• Data can be exported for analysis

The M-Series – Designed for ease of operation. Although each of the M-Series controllers offers features that are suited to specific applications, all of the units share common user-friendly interfaces. Right out of the box, the controller is easily setup and connected. Each unit has a touch screen that varies in size but still offers intuitive control programming. From interactive 3D graphing, system details and picture viewing, there are endless options that allow the user to customize their controller screen. The plug and play system architecture ensures a minimal learning curve for operators. Plus, each M-Series controller comes with proprietary Future-now technology, a state of the art algorithm only offered by Mold-Masters that has optimized molding processes all over the globe. High quality, robust and durable, the M-Series models standout as key tools ensuring sustainable plastic processing performance.


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