Klear Can, Co-Injection Barrier Technology



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AsSeenAtNPE 2A high-performance injection molding machine with modular drive concept, the Ferromatik Series is the latest development of Milacron. These machines can be specified in electric, hydraulic, or hybrid form as desired. They are distinguished by strong performance and clean design. The Ferromatik Series comes in eight different sizes, from 1,200 to 6,500 kN clamping force, as well as a multi-component, mono-sandwich or cube machine. Thanks to the versatile and adaptable design, these can easily accept retrofits and upgrades. The melt delivery system features a high-precision co-injection mold, integrated hot runner controller and two individually controlled and driven injection units. This system delivers two individual polymers in a unique three-layer flow that allows for molded parts that have a core layer completely encapsulated within a skin polymer and all the advantages associated with injection molding.


  • Milacron Co-Injection Barrier Technology
  • NEW Milacron Klear Can technology – replacing metal food cans with high-clarity barrier plastic alternate


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