LSR Over Molding



The best all-electric single component just became BETTER.

AsSeenAtNPE 2Milacron is expanding the already vast capability of the Roboshot Series by moving into the two-component market with the addition of the Mold-Masters LSR E-Multi 2nd injection unit. The integrated all-electric design (of both products) provides clean, precise and repeatable molding for any application. Multi-component molding is a sophisticated discipline that’s increasingly in demand. Using different materials (an/or dyes) in one product can improve the design and durability while being cost effective and eliminating downstream assembly equipment. This multi-component option is available as a standard option or as an aftermarket retrofit.



  •  NEW LSR E-Multi Technology
  • Integrated Varian Rotary Table
  • Two-component molding with thermoplastic and LSR

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