Maxima MM

Maximized for Large Part Production


Maximized for large part production, Milacron’s Maxima MM hydraulic injection molding machines offer a reduced footprint, using 10% to 20% less floor space than comparable machines, creating more profit per square foot. The machines can be configured for various applications by combining a large range of clamp and injection units with a selection of optional pumping packages.

Adding value through multi-material technology, Maxima MM is designed to be easily adapted to support your application needs and handle next generation products with modularity. Maxima MM machines enable processors to realize the added value from functional integration, parts consolidation, assembly reduction, increased productivity, and reduced costs.



US Standard

Maxima MM
Size Range
Min. Mold
Tie Rod
oz in in in in in
MM 310 WP 12 – 54 41.7 49.6 7.9 47.0 x 47.0 36.0 x 26.0
MM 450 18 – 76 47.2 57.1 9.8 43.3 x 43.3 32.3 x 32.3
MM 550 30 – 105 58.1 67.9 9.8 49.2 x 49.2 36.2 x 36.2
MM 580 WP 46 – 230 71.9 81.7 9.8 56.3 x 49.2 43.3 x 36.2
MM 725 46 – 230 69.9 81.7 11.8 55.5 x 55.5 42.5 x 42.5
MM 950 WP 46 – 230 72.8 88.6 15.7 70.9 x 58.3 54.7 x 42.1



Maxima MM
Size Range
Min. Mold
Tie Rod
g mm mm mm mm mm
MM 310 WP 340 – 1,531 1,060 1,260 200 1,195 x 940 915 x 660
MM 450 510 – 2,155 1,200 1,450 250 1,100 x 1,100 820 x 820
MM 550 851 – 2,977 1,475 1,725 250 1,250 x 1,250 920 x 920
MM 580 WP 1,304 – 6,521 1,825 2,075 250 1,430 x 1,250 1,100 x 920
MM 725 1,304 – 6,521 1,775 2,075 300 1,410 x 1,410 1,080 x 1,080
MM 950 WP 1,304 – 6,521 1,850 2,250 400 1,800 x 1,480 1,390 x 1,070



Tonnage Is Built Directly Behind The Mold

During tonnage build, high pressure hydraulic oil in the cylinder platen pushes the Direct Acting Ram to build tonnage directly behind the mold.

Strong and Rigid Clamp

  • Short stroke tonnage build using a small volume of oil to compress results in faster tonnage build time.
  • Reliable tonnage build. Only one piston to control, not four.
  • Centrally actuated tonnage force directly behind the mold provides symmetrically distributed clamp forces across the mold area.
  • Direct and even clamp force.
  • Simple and proven design, resulting in improved uptime.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • Better alignment, assuring reduced mold wear.
  • Better part quality and higher productivity.


Precision Processing Features

Dual injection unit pull-in cylinders assure alignment and center-balanced force, while reducing the machine footprint.

  • Precision ways reduce misalignments affecting screw pick-up and cylinder leaks.
  • Clean and clear access to the purge area on operator and non-operator sides of the machine.
  • Powered injection unit swivel enables quick and easy access to maintain the screw tip or remove/install feed screws.
  • Separate injection base and transition base facilitates shipping and installation.


A wide selection of injection units and screw geometry are available. This means application specific solutions for every material formulation and plasticizing rate, including:

  • High performance, high throughput
  • Lower melt temperatures
  • Better mixing and homogenization
  • Wear resistant protection


Precision Control Technology For All Applications

The MOSAIC Control is the high-performance control system that controls and communicates all machine functions and related parts producing processes. MOSAIC Control provides improved reliability, performance, and user- friendliness to keep your process in control.

  • Individual forward and retract manual movement keys for each axis.
  • Factory programmable buttons for added options.
  • Logical grouping and separation of the machine function and manual operator keys.
  • Swing-arm mount can be optimally positioned for each operator, allowing for an unobstructed view of the mold area.

Mosaic Control Features

  • 15 Inch Diagonal Screen
  • TFT Flat Panel
  • Touch Screen (Analog, Resistive) Dual Intel Processors
  • Swing Arm Mount
  • IP65 Protection (against dirt and contaminants)

Mosaic Operator Screen Features

  • Screen layouts are clear, concise and easy to understand.
  • Direct Group Access Keys for quick machine setup.
  • Pop-up keyboards for data and text entry.
  • Drop down selection boxes for choosing items from a list. Lighted On/Off buttons.
  • Choice of Language and Units of Measurement.


Mosaic Control Screen Displays

Intuitive Operation Touch Screens


  • Group Access Keys on the left margin
  • Special Function Keys on the right margin
  • Message Bar at top of screen displays the active alarm text or the current menu if no alarm exists
  • Status Bar at screen bottom provides a quick glance at the current status of critical machine parameters, including actual feedback from sensors, current cycle count and current logged-in user.

Setpoint Overview Screen


  • Single screen for setting clamp, ejector, injection and extruder
  • Follows the configurations that are defined on the Primary Set Up tabs
  • Great for quick set-ups and adjustments
  • Improves operator set-up efficiency

Injection Set-Up Screens


  • Extruder functions
  • Injection setpoints
  • Pack & Hold setpoints
  • Sprue/Sled
  • Mold Gate options
  • Semi-Auto Purge options

Clamp Set-Up Screen


  • Tonnage
  • Mold Height
  • Open and Close positions
  • Ejector
  • Air Eject

Configurable I/O Screen


  • Ultimate flexibility for signal interfaces
  • Eight 24 Volt DC Input or Output signals
  • Signals are configured to Machine Cycle Status
  • 41 Output Cycle States and 14 Input Permissions
  • Configurable Pulse Timers for Inputs

Process Monitor Trend Graphics



  • Monitors trends on-line using trend graphics
  • Select from any on of the monitored variables (over 50 to select from)

Process Monitoring Screens


  • Track your process for consistency
  • High resolution times and position feedback
  • Selectable Alarm Bands
  • Choose up to 16 parameters from a list of over 50

Enhanced Process Graphics


  • Ability to display one or two graphs
  • Enables comparison to stored reference points
  • Easy to use Cursor Control and Zoom Control
  • Adjustable “Y” scaling

Graphical Injection Set-Up


  • Up to 10 segments of Injection Velocity
  • Transfer each segment on Position, Volume, Pressure or Time
  • Up to 10 Pack/Hold Pressure/Time/Velocity steps
  • Display either Hydraulic or Melt pressure
  • Graphic display of Pressure and Velocity actual values


Easy Mold Loading Access

Automatic tie bar retraction (optional) enables quick installation of bulky molds and low overhead crane situations. Reduces set-up to a fraction of the usual time.

High Performance Injection

MAXIMA MM machines are available with higher performance injection options capable of substantially higher injection rates. High performance options include:

  • Accumulator assisted injection for high speed injection rates.
  • High efficiency AC electric extruder drive provides independent and simultaneous clamp and extruder operation for reduced cycle time and greater energy savings.


Nozzle Shutoff Valve

The optional hydraulically powered rotary nozzle shut-off valve prevents material from flowing into the mold runner system while the screw is rotating and the clamp is opening during independent operation.


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