Tirad Assembly



Moving Half Mold Base
with Ejector Frame
Moving Half Mold Base ready to accept cavity inserts Complete mould assembly of Moving Half and Fixed Half cavity plate
Angled cavity plate for mould Complete mould assembly of Moving Half and fixed half cavity plate Moving Half Mold Base showing angled detail for in mould movement
Cavity plate showing water
cooling detail drilling
Mold ejector frame fitted with location dowels and linear bearings for movement Mold base showing in mould movement detail
Moving Half Clamp Plate with Leader pins Fixed Half clamp plate finished machines to accept Valve Actuators Clear & Concise identification of Media connections to mould can be engraved onto mould bases
Mold-Bases can be supplied
just finished machined, or built up with water fittings and guide bushes as shown here
Cooling water fittings fitted to final mould base Mold-Bases fitted with bronze bushes following customer specification



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