Materials Management


The plastics processing industry has its own unique set of demands, from quality requirements to increasing production outputs.

At Milacron Plastics, we offer customized material handling systems that match your needs. To stay ahead in your industry, it’s important to have material management support from products, installation, system design, technical support and customer service. To accommodate purchases of bulk materials, you will want ample storage along with a material management system flexible and reliable enough to handle your needs. That’s where we come in.

Our advanced designs and high-quality material management equipment allows for a manufacturing process that is reliable, quick and cost-efficient. From bulk storage, surge bins, vacuum loading systems, color feeders and loaders and dryers, our material management systems provide the speed and efficiency you demand. Milacron Plastics’ material management equipment and systems are specifically engineered and designed to save you time, streamline production and reduce operating costs.


• Blenders
• Central Conveying Controls
• Drying & Dehumidifying
• Feeders
• Gaylord Tilters
• Level Sensors
• Loaders & Receivers
• Magnets
• Material Line Valves/Elbows
• Silos
• Slide Gates
• Surge Bins
• Surge Bins – Portable
• Vacuum – Central Conveying
• Vacuum – Pumps




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