Quick Mold Changes


Milacron’s lineup of quick mold change solutions includes a full line of mold handling products.  We have a solution to solve your quick mold change application needs. From hydraulic and magnetic mold clamps, mold change tables, mold storage rack system, to quick connect multi coupling systems for water, pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical mold connections.    Our equipment is engineered and built to the highest industry standards, so you can expect the equipment to withstand rigorous daily use.

Our line of quick mold change products are available for installation and integration on new machinery prior to shipment, or available to be retrofitted in the field on existing machinery of any make or model.  Milacron quick mold change products are built to the highest safety standards, they offer reduced costs by decreasing the amount of time spent changing molds in a machine, and they provide versatility to today’s plastics industry processors.  Contact your Milacron sales engineer to request a quick mold change analysis and see for yourself, just how much time and money can be saved by equipping your plant with Milacron quick mold change systems.

• Hydraulic Mold Clamps
• Magnetic Mold Clamps
• Mold Racks
• Mold Tables
• Mold Transfer Stations
• Mold Up-enders
• Quick Connectors – Multi-coupling




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