Mold Changes


Milacron Plastics’ mold changes equipment includes a full line of mold handling products. From mold clamps to changing tables, our mold handling products allow you to find innovative solutions to fast mold handling. Because our equipment is built to the highest industry standards, you can expect the equipment from Milacron Plastics to withstand harsh and rigorous use on a daily basis.

When it comes to mold changes, you need equipment that will maximize efficiency, increase productivity, increase costs savings, maximize press utilization and allow for a safer manufacturing environment.

Milacron mold handling products are easy to install, flexible, safe and low maintenance. Integrated with other Milacron Plastics’ machinery and systems, you are guaranteed to increase production efficiency. Milacron’s mold change technologies give you every advantage in plastics processing.

• Central Conveying Controls
• Conveyors
• Hydraulic Mold Clamps
• Level Sensors
• Magnetic Mold Clamps
• Magnets
• Material Line Valves/Elbows
• Mold Carts
• Mold Racks
• Mold Shuttle
• Mold Tables
• Mold Transfer Stations
• Mold Up-enders
• Quick Connectors – Multi-coupling




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