Mold-Masters E-Multi LSR



E-Multi easily and economically converts existing equipment to enable multi-shot and multi-material molding, expanding your operations potential. Now available for LSR,  the proven E-Multi platform is fully compatible with any Injection Molding Machine and the ideal solution for precision LSR molding applications in any industry.


Precision Servo Control

Achieve critical shot weight accuracy in micro-molding applications to within 0.004g. Offers unbeatable repeatability and reliability. More info.

Quick Change Barrel Assembly

Minimizes downtime for quick and easy cleaning.

Direct Melt Pressure Control

Enhances process control and precision.

All Electric

Energy efficient and suitable for clean room applications.

Thermoplastic Compatible

Easily convert the LSR unit for processing thermoset or thermoplastic materials and expand your molding capabilities.

E-Multi Controller

Fully featured unit ensures complete process control and flexibility. Capable of integrating additional functionality to centralize and simplify various mold functions. More info.


Additional Info

  • Shot Volume (Max Theoretical): 38 cc (1.28 oz)
  • Screw Dia. Range: 16 – 22 mm (0.63 – 0.87″)
  • Injection Pressure (Max): 1,300 bar (20,000 psi)
  • Injection Rate (Max): 136 cc/s (4.6 oz/s)

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