Milacron is a leading supplier of industrial robotic systems to the plastics processing industry.  We provide a series of robotic solutions for many different applications, such as in mold decorating, palletizing, insert loading, de-gating of runners, trimming of parts, vision inspection and much more.  Today’s plastics industry requires versatility, ease of operation, and product up-time.  Milacron provides a portfolio of robotic solutions built with superior manufacturing techniques, innovative engineering / design and continuous improvement to keep up with the demands of our customer base.

Our line of robotic solutions span a diverse range of applications from pneumatic sprue pickers, servo sprue pickers for parts / runner separation, 3 axis and 5 axis servo traversing robotic systems, up to 6 Axis Articulating robotic cells with complete integration between the processing machinery and the robotic cell.


  • 3-Axis Servo Robots
  • 5-Axis Servo Robot
  • 6-Axis Servo Articulating Robots
  • 6-Axis Servo Collaborative Robots
  • Pneumatic / Servo Sprue Pickers
  • End of Arm Tooling
  • Guarding Cells
  • System Integration
  • System Startup Assistance and Training


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