PET Preforms for Beverages

Maximize beverage shelf life, quality, and value using Milacron’s high-barrier, multi-layer technology.


Whether it be carbonated soda, beer, tea, juice, or even milk, beverages of all varieties can benefit from Milacron’s barrier technology. The multi-layer, recyclable bottles created with Milacron technology will keep your company’s product fresher for longer, increasing shelf life, decreasing waste and maximizing the efficiency of your production. Contact us today and let us prove how our technology will benefit your company!

Photo of Milacron Co-injection PET preforms for beverages

Milacron Co-injection three-layer preform technology combines PET with the latest barrier and oxygen scavenging resins. The finished PET multi-layer container can offer as much as 60 times the oxygen barrier performance of a monolayer PET container, thus providing superior shelf life of the product. Typical applications that benefit from this process are:

  • beer
  • coffee
  • tea
  • milk
  • tomato-based sauces
  • small carbonated soft drinks
  • natural fruit juices
  • alternative malt beverages

Our experts work with you to specify and design the optimal barrier bottle for your requirements. The process includes determining the proper material selection and distribution. We look at factors such as the PET and barrier material options, the thickness of the wall (preform and bottle), and the percentage of the surface area to be protected by the barrier. We analyze your bottle’s shelf life requirements, by analyzing the surface area to volume ratio and addressing the relative humidity and temperature ranges your bottles will encounter – cold and dry, or hot and humid – and the required O2 and CO2 limits.

Milacron Co-injection offers a full range of multilayer preform molding systems suited to meet a variety of production needs, from laboratory and market introduction to high and super-high production.  In addition, every Kortec multilayer system operates at the exact same throughput rates as monolayer preform systems, so converters can take advantage of the benefits of multilayer without sacrificing anything in relation to cycle time and overall productivity.






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