Canterbury Engineering has the capabilities to design, manufacture or rebuild screws for a wide range of applications, including Single-Flighted, Multi-Flighted, Variable Lead, Two-Stage and Barrier. Each of these screws can be designed adding a wide variety of mixing sections. This means that we have a profile that will process your polymer with maximum output to keep you competitive. That spells World Class Design.

And Canterbury is known for our consistent, high-quality manufacturing system that can build screws up to 12 inches diameter by 25 feet long in a one piece design. Larger screws can be manufactured up to a max of 24 inches diameter or an overall weight limitation of 10,000 lbs. per section. This spells World Class manufacturing.

If you have a unique request, be sure to contact Canterbury Engineering. Our staff of specialized engineers will find the ideal solution for your specific need.


Canterbury Engineering has the capabilities to design and manufacture the perfect barrel for your screw, with tighter tolerances and proper profiling, so your injection process can produce the ideal in shot size and minimal waste. Plus, Canterbury can manufacture barrels with the right combination of alloy steels, stainless steels or tool steel for excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance along with superior strength and continued performance. And Canterbury can manufacture barrels up to 12″ I.D. by 30 feet long.


Services offered include:

  • Barrel Design and Manufacture
  • New Barrels with Bimetallic Liners
  • Relining Feed Section
  • Full Relines of existing Barrels
  • Up Or Down Sizing Of Barrels to increase or decrease delivery volume

Common Barrel Material:

  • Bimetallic Barrels,(Wear, Corrosion resistance, Wear & Corrosion resistance)
  • Nitrided Barrel
  • Inconel faced Barrel (High temp applications)
  • PM A11LC Barrels (High Wear)
  • Tool Steel (D2)

Check Valves

Check Valves / Models & Services

Even for the most difficult processing problems, you can rely on Canterbury Engineering to design and/or manufacture a check valve that offers precision performance for your specific application.

Standard and Custom Designed Valves

Whether you require a standard or unique check valve, look to Canterbury Engineering. Our custom designed check valves feature a non-return ring with a reusable retainer and a replaceable front seat, check ring and rear seat wear components. They are manufactured from high abrasion resistant materials, such as H-13, D-2, PM A11LC and PM A11.

Repeater Valve™ – The Check Valve for Precision Control

The Repeater Valve™ was designed to provide the injection molding industry with high-performance non-return valve technology to minimize scrap and to improve manufacturing efficiencies. Canterbury Engineering is the exclusive manufacturer of this injection molding non-return valve technology (formerly from US Valves).

4-Piece Free-Flow Valves

The 100% free-Flow Valve features a replaceable front seat with full ring contact and axial-angular flow slots. Other features a non-directional check ring and matched shut off angles. Canterbury uses only premium tool steels with a highly polished finish, and special heat treating provides maximum wear and required ductility. Also, Canterbury has many check valves in stock, so there’s a good chance the style and size you need is available immediately.

Services offered include:

  • Designing Check Valves
  • New Manufactured Check Valves
  • Rebuild or Replace Check Valves

Nozzles / Models & Services

Canterbury Engineering’s Air Operated, Pin Type Shut-Off Nozzles provide fast acting, full flow design that increases part production, reduces cycle times and stops any drooling problems. Features include heater bands and thermocouple well for separate zone control and blow back protection. Plus CEC offers standard SPI nozzles quickly and at competitive costs.

Services offered include:

  • Designing Nozzles
  • New Manufactured Nozzles
  • Rebuild or Replace Nozzles

Reapter Valves

injectionCuts Scrap & Improves Injection Molding Performance

The Repeater Valve™ was designed to provide the injection molding industry with high-performance non-return valve technology to minimize scrap and to improve manufacturing efficiencies. Canterbury Engineering is the exclusive manufacturer of this injection molding non-return valve technology.

The Repeater Valve™ is the plastic injection check valve of choice for precision control and high productivity.

How it worksrepeater_valve_1

The secret to the precision of the Repeater Valve™ is…closure-by-pressure… not by flow.

Traditional ring and ball flow values are closed by the action of melt flow through the valve resulting in a pressure drop on the upstream side for the floating member (ring or ball). As a result, the valves do not always close immediately at the start of injection. And, in some instances may not close at all. The result can frequently be an excess use of materials and inconsistency in the molded part.

The Repeater Valve™ operates on closure-by-pressure providing superior precision and control. The central piston valves closes via pressure without melt through the valve or any screw movement. Thus, backflow can virtually be eliminated.

Plus, wear is no longer an issue to corrupt valve closing. The piston is the only moving part in the Repeater Valve™ and its sliding surfaces are not contacted by plastic flow. Sealing areas of the Repeater Valve™ are not exposed to contaminants in the melt stream that may hinder effective valve seating.

The result: Improved quality with less materials usage at lower cost.repeater_valve_2

Repeater Valve™ Benefits

Because of its accuracy and control, the Repeater Valve™ offers many benefits to the manufacturing process:

  • Less Scrap & Less Material Usage – Valve opens and closes with no leakage of excess materials.
  • Improved Part Uniformity & Process Control – Maintains a precisely consistent position and pressure at the start of injection. The result is lower labor and quality control costs while improving part consistency and overall production quality.
  • More Consistent Runs – less process stoppage and improved productivity

Ultimately the Repeater Valve™ provides:

  • Better control.
  • More dependable execution.
  • Less down time.
  • Increased profit.

Check out the Check Valve Feature Sheets below:


As Seen in Plastics Technology

A New Look at Check Valves

Repeater Valve Cut the Scrap

The Repeater Valve™ formerly offered by U.S. Valves

To speak with one of our Engineers about how the Repeater Check Valve can improve your Injection Molding process, please call…