No-Charge Stocking (Next Day Shipment)

GENCA offers a no-charge stocking program so that participating customer can enjoy next day shipment. Ask your Sales Engineer for details.


GENCA offers attractive trade-ins on certain used or worn crossheads. Ask your Sales Engineer for details.

Plant Profiling (Part Ordering Made Easy)

GENCA offers “plant profiling” : our Sales Engineer will analyze your extrusion lines and produce a parts list for ordering. This eliminates searching for part numbers and makes it easier to order parts. Ask your Sales Engineer for details.

No-Charge Operator Training

GENCA offers no-charge operator training at its facility in Florida on the care and use of GENCA extrusion products.

No-Charge Process Consulting

GENCA’s experienced Sales Engineers have many years of process experience and may have solved a similar problem in the past. Feel free to discuss your project/process problem with your Sales Engineer.

On-Site Process Consulting

GENCA’s on-site consulting/troubleshooting is available. Ask your Sales Engineer for details.

Rebuilding Crossheads and Parts

GENCA offers rebuilding of expensive crossheads and other parts. Generally, this can save 50% to 70% of the cost of new.

Urgent Requests

GENCA offers rush service on urgent needs; i.e., two to three day service on the repair of a broken screw, screws stuck in barrel, etc.

Extrusion Lab for R&D

GENCA maintains an extrusion lab with three extruders. This lab is available on a fee basis to our customers for their product development. During this period, customer engineers are able to interact with our process and design engineers to refine the process or tools. Also, GENCA will provide quick turnaround on modifications to tooling during this phase of R&D. Ask your Sales Engineer for details.