Single Screw Series PAK

Quality Built for Reliable, Long-Term Operation


Milacron PAK Series of Single Screw Extruder Systems gives all the advantages for productive operation.

  • Standard AC motor & drive package.
  • Double reduction gear reducer with heavy duty integral roller trust bearing for extended life.
  • Large cast-in water jacket in feed throat for efficient cooling.
  • Bimetallic barrel with rupture disc for long life.
  • 4-Bolt swing gate for faster die changeover.
  • Standard discrete control package or optional Mosaic microprocessor control.
  • Analog melt temperature and melt pressure indication.
  • Production Smooth Bore (PAK) models available from 2.0″ up to 10″ or larger.
  • Floor Mounted (S-PAK) or Pedestal Mounted (S-PAK-T) Coextruder models available from 3/4″ through 1-3/4″.
  • Grooved Feed (G-PAK) extruders available from 45mm through 150mm.



US Standard

Model Screw
Max. Melt
Gear Box
Screw Speed
based on
Gear Ratio
in L/D psi hp @100 rpm rpm
PAK 200 2.0 24:1 10000 40 17.5:1 100
PAK 250 2.5 24:1 10000 120 17.5:1 100
PAK 300 3.0 24:1 10000 120 17.5:1 100
PAK 350 3.5 24:1 10000 280 17.5:1 100
PAK 450 4.5 24:1 10000 480 17.5:1 100
PAK 600 6.0 30:1 10000 800 17.5:1 100



Model Screw
Max. Melt
Gear Box
Screw Speed
based on
Gear Ratio
mm L/D bar hp @100 rpm rpm
PAK 200 50.8 24:1 680 40 17.5:1 100
PAK 250 63.5 24:1 680 120 17.5:1 100
PAK 300 76.2 24:1 680 120 17.5:1 100
PAK 350 80.9 24:1 680 280 17.5:1 100
PAK 450 114.3 24:1 680 480 17.5:1 100
PAK 600 152.4 30:1 680 800 17.5:1 100


Milacron’s Mosaic Microprocessor Control System

The Mosaic Microprocessor Control System puts state-of-the-art automation on your extrusion floor.

Our innovative “Mosaic” software has proven to be fast and intuitive. The fifteen-inch, full-color, touch-screen is provided in English and with the touch of a button, can be changed to an optional alternative language.

The B&R APC620 control hardware is a proven performer and is backed by worldwide sales and parts support. The program is stored on a rugged and reliable compact flash card eliminating the need for a hard drive. Your program can be archived on a second compact flash card so you will never have down time due to a lost program. Fast boot-up time means that you start production quickly.

Well-designed screens allow your operators to easily monitor and adjust all temperature set points. Self-tuning PID algorithms make fluctuating temperature control a thing of the past.

The keyboard is dust & liquid proof and has large pads to allow easy operation even while wearing gloves. A high temperature rating and fully-sealed cabinetry is designed to keep you in operation in the harshest of environments.

Put today’s best extrusion control technology at your finger tips with Cincinnati Milacron’s Mosaic Control.

Mosaic Control Features

  • Non-volatile memory is stored on a compact flash card. No hard drive to fail
  • 2 USB ports provided for easy printer connection and data transfer via memory stick
  • Rugged dust & liquid proof cabinetry designed to thrive in a factory environment
  • B&R’s X20 slice I/O with high density I/O blocks with up to 12 I/O’s per slice compared with 8 I/O’s on competitive systems
  • Significantly reduced space requirements due to the unique design of the X20 I/O platform
  • Operator station is equipped with a 15-inch full-color touch-screen and has manual “quick” buttons on an attached keyboard
  • Graphics are easy to follow, providing for a user-friendly system
  • The controller can store up to 40 different recipes, making the system even more “operator friendly”
  • Main control unit – One (1) 600MHz Celeron
  • No hard drive Memory-Control uses Compact Flash Ram
  • 15″ (381mm) color LCD screen
  • Self diagnosis
  • Two (2) ethernet ports
  • Two (2) RS232 com ports
  • CAN Bus interface capable for downstream interface
  • X2X Communication Bus (machine/op station interface)
  • Temperature Control:
  • PID control of barrel and screw oil zones
  • High/low temperature alarms
  • Automatic PID barrel heat tuning
  • Shorted thermocouple protection
  • Pre-heating timer


Additional Control Features:

  • Audible alarm
  • Easy access of menus with icons on touch screen
  • English/metric selectable units
  • Alternative languages available
  • Set point change log
  • Machine control diagnostics
  • Analog & digital I/O diagnostic screens with description of I/O
  • Time-based plotting
  • Export of plotting data to USB memory stick in CSV data format
  • PLC3 printer interface over USB port
  • Printout of machine run conditions
  • Export of machine run conditions to USB memory stick
  • Process alarms
  • Internal parameter storage – 40 formulations or dies
  • Password data entry via screens
  • Historical alarm log
  • Remote viewing of operator menus over Ethernet link and VNC Server Software
  • Time and date information page
  • Accepts signal from melt temperature & melt pressure probes
  • 1/2 second power failure ride-through to maintain machine operation
  • Onscreen keyboards for alphanumeric entries on menus
  • Operator keypad easily used by operators wearing gloves for
  • Starting & stopping motors and drives
  • Increasing & decreasing motor speeds
  • Locking & unlocking operator screens
  • Operator screen pre-sets
  • Quick access to calibrate screen menu
  • Large single parameter display menu configured by operator
  • Actual machine parameters displayed on bottom of screen also configured by operator


Mosaic Control Screen Displays

Machine View Menu


Provides an overview of the extruder operation. A click on a machine motor or temperature will advance the screen to the selected function. The display shows actual values for several machine parameters.

Synchronization Menu


Used to establish the speed of the extruder and other drivers. Press the synchronization button to enable synchronization. Press the synchronization button on the drive that needs to be synchronized, and select the name of the drive to which it should be synched.

Temperature Setup Menu

Barrel Temps English

Used to establish the run and shutdown temperature setpoints for each Barrel Zone and, if equipped, the Screw Oil Zone, and VMEDS zones. This menu also displays the actual temperature of each zone. There may be as many as 10 temperature zones on this screen. Each zone can be turned ON or OFF.

Die Temperature Setup Menu

Die Temps English

Used to establish the run and shutdown temperature setpoints for the die zones. This menu also displays the actual temperature of each zone. There may be as many as 10 temperature zones on this screen. Each zone can be turned ON or OFF.

Pre-Heat Menu

Preheat Page English

Used to set a time to enable the control to turn ON the Heat Control Master on the Extruder Temperatures or Die Temperatures menus.

Trending Menu


Can plot up to 4 selected items on the screen. Touch the carat at the right of the selection box. It will bring up a list of parameters to trend. Touch the parameter you wish to trend, and the screen will trend the parameter selected.

Extruder Monitor Menu

Extruder Monitor English

Contains information that allows you to monitor how well the Extruder and Feeder are running.

Run Sheet Menu

Run Sheet English

Allows the operator to capture the current running condition of the extruder and print out.

Trending Graph Menu


Shows bar plots of any parameter the control is trending


Maximum Flexibility to Process the Toughest Materials

  • If you have an existing feed screw geometry, you can place it into our screw envelope in our extruders.
  • Customized screw designs matched specifically to the customer process requirements for optimal performance.
  • Direct coupled or belt & sheave configurations available.
  • Feeding systems to meet process performance requirements: gravity, volumetric, crammer, single and multi-component gravimetric.
  • Screw core temperature regulation options available to meet process needs
  • Barrel cooling system: air (standard), and water (optional)
  • Variety of drive and motor systems available, including AC vector, and a range of HP (kW) for each model depending on process requirements.



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