MILPRO® – Straight Oils



MILPRO® products, recommended for cutting and grinding operations, offer a high quality combination of mineral oils and additives. MILPRO® Oils are formulated with unique lubrication package which promotes increased production and reduction in tool and grinding wheel usage.


Name Description PIF Code
MILHONE® 45 MILHONE® 45 is a low viscosity straight oil product designed for honing. PIF B00665
MILHONE® 100 MILHONE 100 is a moderate to heavy-duty oil, blended with premium naphthenic base oils and extreme pressure (EP) additives. PIF B00686
MILPRO® 10-634HVS MILPRO 10-634HVS is general purpose oil recommended for machining and grinding operations. PIF B01302
MILPRO® 300 MILPRO® 300 is and inactive metalworking oil that is used where anti-weld and EP properties are needed. Formulated to meet most non-ferrous metalworking applications. PIF B00660
MILPRO® 500 MILPRO® 500 is a light to medium-duty metalworking oil designed for general-purposeapplications such as thread grinding, tapping, gear hobbing, gear shaving, milling, and turning. PIF B00662
MILPRO® 634 MILPRO® 634 is a moderate-duty light amber machining oil that contains chlorine, fat, and phosphorous. MILPRO® 634 is recommended for use in gun drilling and honing ferrous and non-ferrous metals. PIF B00653
MILPRO® 634HV MILPRO 634HV is general purpose oil recommended for machining and grinding operations. This is a higher viscosity version of MILPRO 634. PIF B00654
MILPRO® 740ACF MILPRO® 740ACF is a metalworking oil designed for use in horizontal broaching of hightemperature alloy aircraft engine parts. PIF B01097
MILPRO® 810CF MILPRO® 810CF – for light duty honing, grinding, and turning – Good choice for CBN grinding PIF B00640
MILPRO® 830CF MILPRO® 830CF – for light to moderate valve grinding, thread grinding, light-dutygun drilling, and moderated-duty stamping and broaching. PIF B00641
MILPRO® 835CF MILPRO® 835CF – for moderate-duty grinding, machining, stamping, and drawing PIF B00645
MILPRO® 840CF MILPRO® 840CF – for moderate-duty deep hole drilling, gun drilling, tapping, stamping, and broaching of ferrous metals PIF B00642
MILPRO® 850CF MILPRO® 850CF – for heavy-duty broaching, gear cutting, stamping, and tapping -Excellent general-purpose oil for screw machines PIF B00643
MILPRO® 860CF MILPRO® 860CF – for heavy-duty broaching, gear shaving, stamping, and form tapping PIF B00644
MILPRO® 6000 MILPRO® 6000 is designed for grinding drill flutes, end mills, gears, and other hardened steels. PIF B00666


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