DME Hot One



The DME Hot One has become an industry standard in technology, user-friendliness, and affordability. Available in two styles – Tubular and Cartridge Heated – The Hot One is also available as a complete Hot Half System.

Tubular Heated Systems
Using exclusive, distributed wattage Tubular Heaters, the DME Hot One System can process many engineering grade resins. Tubular Heaters reduce the number of zones of heat required, providing the added benefit of lowering your temperature control costs.

Cartridge Heated Systems
If the application would be better served using Cartridge Heaters, DME has the resources to accomplish the task. Cartridge Heaters have been used in hot runner systems for years and still offer some clear advantages … they are available off-the-shelf and are supplied in many different lengths, diameters and wattages.


Hot One 4 drop




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