DME Stellar



Stellar’s close tolerance capability lets you get drops into locations you couldn’t otherwise, allowing for smaller parts (17mm center to center) and – better yet – smaller mold bases.

But it’s not just the tight pitch that sets Stellar apart …

Higher Pressures
Stellar handles 25% higher pressures than competitive units. This enhanced toughness makes it a better solution for thin-wall parts as well as engineering-grade materials with small operating windows – including polyphthalamide and other crystalline resins.

Wear Resistance
While the rest of the industry touts needles made of molybdenum alloys, DME’s R&D team has gone beyond that to incorporate better-performing specialty alloys. The result: a third-generation, wear-resistant tip that improves wear characteristics without giving up heat transfer.

Fast Color Changes
Stellar’s minimized gate well design means less material volume in the gate, leading to much faster color changeovers – both on the fly and after de-coning.

Improved Heat Profile
The embedded heater distributes heat more evenly,
and it’s front loaded for easy maintenance.


Stellar Manifold






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