Mold-Masters Femto-Lite

Valve and open gate options specifically engineered for medical, personal care and small closure applications. Addresses challenges for molds with tight pitch and inside gating.


The Femto-Lite is an 11 mm wide hot runner nozzle ideal for small closures, flip-top caps, personal care and multi-material / multi-color products. Engineered for applications requiring inside gating and tight pitch designs, its 19 mm pitch and a flange to tip heat profile make it suitable for a wide variety of thermoplastic resins.

Femto-Lite Valve Gate

The Femto-Lite has a no-compromise valve gate solution for molds with tight pitches or inside gating.

The smallest valve gate with the largest bore, ensuring reduced pressure drop:

  • 12 mm gate access
  • 6 mm flow channel
  • Flange and pin (2.5 mm) designed for strength with removable valve gate seals.



  • Standard lengths from 73 to 163 mm.
  • A 3.5 mm runner diameter and 12 mm well bore make Femto-Lite suitable for close gate-to-gate spacing.
  • Available in five gating options for both tip and sprue gates.



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