A New Standard in High-Performance Electric Technology


PowerPAK all-electric injection molding machines provide an increase in tonnage over similar models. With energy savings of 50-60% over similar machines, Milacron’s PowerPAK offers environmentally sound equipment that provides speed and repeatability, cleanliness, and highest part productivity, quality and profitability.

Configured precisely to production requirements and applications, PowerPAK allows customers to combine a large range of clamp and injection units. With a high speed, ultra-precision rack-and-pinion clamp, low inertia motors that increase response, and higher performing components than other packing machines on the market, PowerPAK gives you a competitive advantage in the market while reducing your operational costs.




US Standard

Size Range
Min. Mold
Tie Rod
oz in in in in in
NTM 440 21 – 130 26.57 56.1 9.84 46.26 x 45.27 33.07 x 33.07
NTM 550 38 – 130 34.64 67.72 9.84 50.8 x 50.8 36.22 x 36.22
NTM 750 38 – 195 39.37 78.74 15.75 57.1 x 60.0 40.16 x 40.16
NTM 935 38 – 195 47.24 94.49 17.72 68.3 x 60.8 49.21 x 39.37
NTM 1125 38 – 195 51.9 103.9 15.7 81.5 x 70.9 61.0 x 47.2



Size Range
Min. Mold
Tie Rod
g mm mm mm mm mm
NTM 440 583 – 3,685 675 1,425 250 1,175 x 1,150 840 x 840
NTM 550 1,077 – 3,686 880 1,720 250 1,290 x 1,290 920 x 920
NTM 750 1,077 – 5,528 1,000 2,000 400 1,450 x 1,525 1,020 x 1,020
NTM 935 1,077 – 5,528 1,200 2,400 450 1,735 x 1,545 1,250 x 1,000
NTM 1125 1,077 – 5,528 1,320 2,640 400 2,070 x 1,800 1,550 x 1,200




PowerPAK Clamp Design Features

  • Simultaneous operation of clamp and plasticizing functions
  • Rack-and-pinion drive
  • Rigid cast platens designed using FEA
  • Hardened steel chromed toggle pins and reduced lubrication brushings
  • Adjustable moving platen supports (750 – 1125)
  • Ejector retract override for faster cycles
  • SPI knockout pattern with drilled ejector plate
  • Low pressure mold protect with try-again circuit
  • Automated adjustable clamp tonnage set-up
  • Pulsating eject
  • Ejector forward dwell timer
  • Eject on the fly
  • Third plate pick-up provides additional clamp speeds when needed
  • Long clamp strokes and large maximum die height
  • Minimum mold height for complete molding versatility
  • Pre-injection
  • Linear bearings, greaseless tie bars, and walk-up base design (440 – 550)


MOLDGUARD Full Stroke Mold Protection
MOLDGUARD advanced protection software is exclusive at Milacron and comes as part of the MOSAIC Control package standard with all PowerPAK machines. MOLDGUARD software measures the force required to close the clamp and compares this force to a reference curve from the previous cycle.

During the first clamp-close cycle, force is stored as a reference curve. A new baseline is recorded whenever the clamp set points change. When a new reference curve is being collected, MOLDGUARD is not active. However, Mold Protect is always active, so even during a new reference cycle, there is mold protection.

An Alarm Band set by the user is added to the reference curve force values. When the next clamp-close cycle is running, the current clamp position force is compared to the stored values from the reference cycle. Since it is more difficult to push through plastic than through air, the force value will be greater when a part is stuck. When the force required to close the clamp is greater than the reference curve plus Alarm Band, an alarm sounds and the clamp retracts.

The Max Force Deviation display box on the control screen is used to help the operator determine what value to put into the alarm band in order to run with a tight band, but avoid false alarms. The value displayed in this box is the maximum force difference from the reference curve to the current cycle’s curve.


  • Selectable ON/OFF
  • Adjustable alarm band for sensitivity
  • Operator adjustable start position
  • Actual force readout
  • Maximum force deviation displayed with associated position to assist in setup
  • Automatically adjusts for changes in friction and temperature
  • Standard mold protect remains active
  • Protects mold from damage
  • Protects mold from premature and excessive wear


Precision Control Technology For All Applications
The MOSAIC Control is the high- performance control system that controls and communicates all machine functions and related parts producing processes. MOSAIC Control provides improved reliability, performance, and user- friendliness to keep your process in control.

  • Individual forward and retract manual movement keys for each axis.
  • Factory programmable buttons for added options.
  • Logical grouping and separation of the machine function and manual operator keys.
  • Swing-arm mount can be optimally positioned for each operator, allowing for an unobstructed view of the mold area.


Mosaic Control Features

  • 15 Inch Diagonal Screen
  • TFT Flat Panel
  • Touch Screen (Analog, Resistive) Dual Intel Processors
  • Swing Arm Mount
  • IP65 Protection (against dirt and contaminants)


Mosaic Operator Screen Features

  • Screen layouts are clear, concise and easy to understand.
  • Direct Group Access Keys for quick machine setup.
  • Pop-up keyboards for data and text entry.
  • Drop down selection boxes for choosing items from a list. Lighted On/Off buttons.
  • Choice of Language and Units of Measurement.


Mosaic Control Screen Displays


Intuitive Operation Touch Screens


  • Group Access Keys on the left margin
  • Special Function Keys on the right margin
  • Message Bar at top of screen displays the active alarm text or the current menu if no alarm exists
  • Status Bar at screen bottom provides a quick glance at the current status of critical machine parameters, including actual feedback from sensors, current cycle count and current logged-in user.


Setpoint Overview Screen


  • Single screen for setting clamp, ejector, injection and extruder
  • Follows the configurations that are defined on the Primary Set Up tabs
  • Great for quick set-ups and adjustments
  • Improves operator set-up efficiency


Injection Set-Up Screens

  • Extruder functions
  • Injection setpoints
  • Pack & Hold setpoints
  • Sprue/Sled
  • Mold Gate options
  • Semi-Auto Purge options


Clamp Set-Up Screen


  • Tonnage
  • Mold Height
  • Open and Close positions
  • Ejector
  • Air Eject


Configurable I/O Screen


  • Ultimate flexibility for signal interfaces
  • Eight 24 Volt DC Input or Output signals
  • Signals are configured to Machine Cycle Status
  • 41 Output Cycle States and 14 Input Permissions
  • Configurable Pulse Timers for Inputs


Process Monitor Trend Graphics


  • Monitors trends on-line using trend graphics
  • Select from any on of the monitored variables (over 50 to select from)


Process Monitoring Screens


  • Track your process for consistency
  • High resolution times and position feedback
  • Selectable Alarm Bands
  • Choose up to 16 parameters from a list of over 50


Enhanced Process Graphics


  • Ability to display one or two graphs
  • Enables comparison to stored reference points
  • Easy to use Cursor Control and Zoom Control
  • Adjustable “Y” scaling


Graphical Injection Set-Up


  • Up to 10 segments of Injection Velocity
  • Transfer each segment on Position, Volume, Pressure or Time
  • Up to 10 Pack/Hold Pressure/Time/Velocity steps
  • Display either Hydraulic or Melt pressure
  • Graphic display of Pressure and Velocity actual values




PowerPAK Injection Features

  • Independent operation of extruder during clamp operation
  • True closed loop profiled injection velocities
  • Five-stage back pressure control
  • Five stage screw RPM
  • Injection unit swivel on inline units
  • One-time nozzle alignment
  • Auto-tune PID temperature control of nozzle and barrel
  • Extruder start time delay for safety
  • Slide shutoff on hopper
  • Cold screw start protection
  • Injection transfer on position, pressure, or time
  • A’-A-B-C screw and barrel combinations
  • Ballcheck or slider screw tip
  • Up to 36,000 psi injection pressure
  • Manual mold purge
  • Sprue break
  • Decompression before and/or after extruder injection run

SIDEWINDER 2-Stage Injection Unit

The PowerPAK single roller screw provides a much simpler means of conversion of rotary motion from servo motor to linear motion of injection plunger. This results in long term reliability and durability for the user. Other designs with multiple ball screws require multiples of belts, pulleys, and sensitive adjustments to ensure balanced loading between multiple load-bearing actuators.

PowerPAK’s 2-stage injection unit has a unique flighted plunger tip. Coupled with the side entry porting of material from the extruder, “first-in first-out” material management is assured. Every particle of material sees exactly the same heat history regardless of whether it is in the front or the back of the shot and regardless of the shot size. PowerPAK’s 2-stage injection units change colors and process engineering materials with no more difficulty than in reciprocating screw machines.

Exclusive and Standard with Larger Tonnage All-Electric Machines

  • Increases shot capacity
  • Adds molding versatility, melt quality, compounding, and venting advantages
  • Significant advantages over reciprocating screw when designed as part of electrically driven system
  • Separates the plasticizing and injection functions
  • Adds molding capability and versatility
  • Generates higher injection rates, pressures, and volumes with smaller precise electromechanical drives
  • Precise mini-shot capability added

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