The Fastest Injection Molding Machines Available


Vitesse – the new generation of hybrid high-performance injection molding machines from Milacron. Designed for precision molding, the Vitesse provides exceptional dynamics for efficient and economical production. The result is an outstanding price-performance ratio, with fast cycle times and minimal employee resource requirements.




The three-platen clamping unit of the Vitesse allows for exceptionally fast production of thin-walled parts. Built to handle extremely heavy molds, the Vitesse is also able to provide optimal mold protection.

Fast, Faster, Vitesse

Innovative hydraulics allow the Vitesse to run at extraordinary speeds, while the clamping unit design makes it suitable for clean room applications.

  • ƒƒThe high-performance hydraulics of the Vitesse provide a rapid clamping force buildup and the high dynamic mold safety works without a locking device
  • Synchronized mold opening and ejector movements allow for precise timing of part ejection – the high dynamic hydraulics ensure superior precision and repeatability
  • The machine runs clean thanks to the linear bearings of the platens – since the tie bars function solely as strain rods, the mold installation area remains free of grease and oil
  • Through an optimized hydraulic system and low friction design, exceptionally fast clamp movements are possible


The hybrid design of the injection unit provides considerable energy saving potential. Moreover, the Vitesse comes equipped with a high-performance barrier screw, ensuring rapid recovery of a quality melt.

Intelligent Energy Savings

With its hybrid injection unit, the Vitesse offers energy savings of up to 30 % compared to standard hydraulic injection molding machines. At the same time, the design of the Vitesse allows for optimized parallel functions and thus a considerable reduction of cycle times.

  • The energy-saving servo-electric screw drive provides sufficient speed and torque for an efficient plasticizing process
  • Through the highly dynamic injection axis, the optimum injection rates are guaranteed for the production of thin-wall parts
  • Barrel isolation of the plasticizing unit, standard with the Vitesse, uses less energy and increases temperature stability


The Vitesse features a comprehensive option catalogue, allowing for a broad range of customized machine configurations.

Available options include:

Inductive Barrel Heating

  • The insertion of an intelligent induction heating system for barrels can reduce energy consumption by up to 50 %. Additionally, this innovative inductive barrel heating provides additional process control precision and shorter barrel heating time for increased productivity.

Integrated Cool Water Supply

  • The fully insulated cool water supply is available in regular and stainless steel construction. It offers optimum mold cooling for faster cycle times.

Preparation Mold Support

  • Additional guide supports to be used with the clamping units linear bearings for molds of large shut heights, such as stack molds, provide an optimal solution.

Shut-off Nozzle

  • Shut-off nozzle requirements vary with different production processes. Milacron offers the optimal shut-off nozzle solution for every application.

Increased Ejector Force

  • Depending on the application, more powerful part ejection is available for the Vitesse. A precision control valve ensures exact ejection timing.

Tie Bar Extension

  • A tie bar extension is available for use with stack molds and the production of deep draw parts such as buckets. Even with extended tie bars, the Vitesse retains its speed and stability.

Custom Interfaces

  • Numerous customer-specific interface options, ranging from special platen drilling to a wide selection of power receptacles, can be chosen.

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