PET Systems

Milacron Re-Enters PET Market with a State-of-the-Art System


The new Milacron PET System marks Milacron’s re-entry to the PET market. Based on the fast Ferromatik toggle clamp and newly designed two stage injection units, this system will have unparalleled performance and the best output per capital against its competition. The machine and post mold cooling is almost entirely driven by servo motors with hydraulics only used for ejection and injection. The means the M-PET system is the lowest user of energy to mold preforms. The system is also designed to accept legacy molds from other vendors.




  • All electric servo five point toggle 3-platen design
  • Ridged platens distribute clamping force evenly and reduce required tonnage
  • Wide tie bar spacing permits higher cavitation molds
  • Linear bearings support the moving platen directly on the machine base
  • Automatic shut height calibration
  • Closed loop tonnage control
  • Closed loop mold stroke control
  • Closed loop ejector stroke control
  • High force hydraulic ejector system with in-platen boosters
  • Servo pump control of ejector speed and pressure for precise part transfer
  • Core air function to assist part transfer
  • Servo control mold stroke for energy efficiency
  • High efficiency mold cooling water system
  • Integrated pneumatic hot runner valve gate control


  • Crating for sea shipment. Exposed steel surfaces are coated with rust inhibitor and each unit of the system is vacuum sealed in plastic with desiccant for corrosion protection.
  • Dehumidification enclosure. Gates above the clamp & robot to retain dehumidified air in the molding area. The enclosure consists of two interlocking halves mounted on rollers allowing easy access for mold installation. (Mold dehumidifier to be purchased separately)
  • CE Compliance. The machine is built to current European Union injection molding machinery standards.
  • Safety Drop Bar. This device provides a physical obstruction to impede the closing motion of the moving platen.


  • Milacron PET StarTM screw design.
  • Separate extrusion and injection functions allow for continuous plasticizing, low acetaldehyde (AA) generation and greater energy efficiency (2-stage injection units).
  • Closed-loop fill velocity control and closed-loop pack pressure control for shot-to-shot precision.
  • Resin feed tube for direct connection to resin dryer.
  • Feed throat temperature monitoring.
  • Optional pneumatic hopper shut-off with dumping feature to control resin supply from the operator interface.
  • Ring check valve on RS injection units.
  • Swiveling injection unit for easy screw removal.


  • Feed throat magnet. A magnet, mounted in a slide out drawer at the feed throat, removes any ferrous particles in the resin.
  • Walkway, Platform, ladder and railing for access to the injection unit.
  • Machine nozzle remixer. A set of mixing elements integrated into the machine nozzle for more uniform color and acetaldehyde (AA) dispersion throughout the mold cavities.
  • Mixcel Screw. A screw designed for additive mixing applications. The Mixcel screw is able to handle liquids from 0.05 to 0.2%, master batch from 1 to 4%, and micro-pellets from 0.1 to 1%. This screw design is available for legacy and compatibly reasons only and has been replaced on all new PET machines with the PET StarTM
  • Nozzle Tip Selection (Non-Standard). Provides a nozzle tip with customer specified orifice diameter and tip radius.


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