DME Die Assemblies

DME Die Cast Die Assemblies from Milacron capitalize on the economy of using Standard Mold Assemblies for zinc and aluminum die casting. Standard “A” Series and “B” Series Mold Bases are easily adapted for the process and the DME wide range of plates, die blocks, retainer sets and other die components suit your specific needs while ensuring the full benefits of DME quality, standardization and service.



Maximize your die casting performance with DME Die Cast Die Assemblies from Milacron. DME Standard Unit Die Holders and Replacement Units are designed and constructed with such close tolerances that die casters can remove Replacement Units from the Holders and install new ones in 20 minutes or less. This drastic reduction in changeover time not only increases uptime but also maximizes productivity and profitability on both long- and short-run jobs. Flexibility is further enhanced by the availability of four types of DME Standard Unit Die Holders: Single Unit, Double Unit, Single Heavy-Duty Unit, and Double Heavy-Duty Unit. These units are precision-made and completely interchangeable when used with their matching Standard and Standard Heavy-Duty Unit Die Holders.






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